How can I get Pptc form 132?

How can I get Pptc form 132?

To obtain a PPTC 132 please contact the High Commission of Canada in Wellington. This form is not available online. You will need to have your signature on the form witnessed before an official authorised by law to administer an oath or solemn affirmation.

Where can I pick up Canadian passport application forms?

You can download the application form or pick it up at a participating; Passport Canada office. Service Canada Centre. Canada Post office.

Can a parent be a guarantor for a Canadian passport?

If you’re the parent or legal guardian that is applying on behalf of a child, you cannot sign as guarantor on the child’s application. However, the other parent or legal guardian (not submitting the application) can sign as long as they meet the requirements.

Does my guarantor need a valid passport?

The guarantor must have been 16 years of age at the time he or she applied for his or her current passport. The guarantor must provide the requested information contained in his or her passport.

How do I get an electronic copy of my passport?

  1. Download e-Form. Applicants using eForm, download soft copy of the eForm, fill the same off-line and then must upload it back. The printed copy of the eForm will not be accepted at PSK/RPO.
  2. Annexures (Affidavits)
  3. Print Application Form.
  4. Undertaking as per GSR 570 (E)

Can I get a Canadian passport application at the post office?

Canadians living in Canada can submit their application at any Passport Program office or any participating Canada Post outlet or Service Canada Centre. They can also submit their application by regular mail or courier.

Can you print passport application online?

You can print it and fill it out by hand, or use the Passport Application Wizard to complete the form online and print it out. While applications can be filled out online, they cannot be submitted online. You can also get a DS-82 form at a local passport acceptance facility or regional agency.

Do I need to print passport application?

2) No need to carry a printout of application receipt as an SMS with your appointment details is accepted as proof of appointment. 3) All the required original documents must be kept ready with you (also a photocopy of the same).