How can I email Celcom?

How can I email Celcom?

Contact Details

  1. Customer Service: 1111 or +603 36308888.
  2. Email: [email protected].
  3. Website:
  4. Celcom Branch:

How do I know my Celcom number?

To view details for all the numbers registered under your Mykad/Passport, log in via Mykad/ Passport where you will receive an OTP via email. Click here to log in. Alternatively you may access Celcom Life Hub by clicking on My Account at the top right corner of your desktop or mobile screens.

What is EasyPhone own?

What’s EasyPhone? Celcom’s EasyPhone lets you own or rent a smartphone for a low monthly fee via a 24-month instalment contract. It comes bundled with Phone Care, a comprehensive coverage plan that protects your device against loss, theft and accidents.

Does Celcom have FUP?

Celcom has just implemented a new Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for its Xpax Unlimited Internet plans, but it only applies to new customers. According to Celcom, the new Xpax FUP are implemented to ensure all customers on the Celcom network can enjoy their fair share of data with the highest quality.

What is M pass Celcom?

Celcom has introduced Mega, a new postpaid plan starting from RM80 monthly with 30GB data and unlimited calls to all networks. Users can then decide between an Unlimited Mobile Internet add-on or Lightning Mobile Internet Speed pass, both of which starts from an additional RM18 per month.

Who is eligible for EasyPhone Celcom?

Give in to temptation Check if you are eligible for EasyPhone

Eligibility Criteria Requirement
Nationality & age Malaysian aged 18 years and above
Payment history Good paymaster without call bar for the past 6 months
Length of stay An existing postpaid customers more than 6 months
Device contract No existing contract

How does Celcom EasyPhone work?