Has El Salvador ever beat Mexico in soccer?

Has El Salvador ever beat Mexico in soccer?

In the FIFA World Cup qualification (CONCACAF), the two teams played a total of 7 games before, of which Mexico won 6, El Salvador won 1 and the two teams drew 0.

When was Salvador’s best year in soccer?

In 1899, two teams from Santa Ana and San Salvador met for the first known football game in El Salvador….El Salvador national football team.

FIFA ranking
Best result Group stage (1970, 1982)
Gold Cup
Appearances 17 (first in 1963)
Best result Runners-up (1963, 1981)

Has El Salvador won the World Cup?

The World Cup Finals is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the 2006 tournament final. El Salvador have appeared in the finals of the FIFA World Cup on two occasions, in 1970 and 1982….Record players.

No. 1
Name Norberto Huezo
Matches 3
World Cups 1982

Is soccer big in El Salvador?

The association administers the national football team, as well as the Primera División de Fútbol de El Salvador, the top level in its league system. Football is the most popular sport in the country.

Has Mexico lost to El Salvador?

A goal by Luis Rodriguez in the 26th minute was enough for Mexico to defeat El Salvador 1-0 in Dallas on Sunday to win Group A of the Gold Cup.

Who is the best soccer player in El Salvador?

Jorge Gonzalez is by far the best Salvadoran footballer in history. Simply known as Magico (magic), he represented El Salvador in the last World Cup the country attended.

What is El Salvador ranked in soccer?


Position Member Association Points
5 Panama 1,615
6 Jamaica 1,471
7 Haiti 1,451
8 El Salvador 1,411

Has El Salvador won a Gold Cup?

Since 1963, the Gold Cup was held 26 times and has been won by seven different nations, most often by Mexico (11 titles). El Salvador hosted the inaugural CONCACAF Championship in 1963. In the final round, they started with two victories, but lost the final and decisive match against Costa Rica 1–4.

Where does USA rank in soccer?

February 2022 FIFA Rankings

Rank Team Points
10 Netherlands 1653.73
11 Germany 1648.33
12 Mexico 1647.9
13 USA 1643.34

What is the US men’s soccer team ranked?

Updated position for USMNT ahead of 2022 World Cup | Sporting News….FIFA World Rankings: Feb. 2022.

Ranking 13.
Team United States
Confederation CONCACAF
Last / Change 11 / -2