With the increase in the competition in every field, it is becoming harder for the audience/customers what to choose and what not to. Earlier we used to have very few options for everything at higher rates. But now with the increase in the population of human beings the demand for both e-products, as well as physical products, has risen up. And one thing which is in demand nowadays is online streaming applications.

As it provides instant access to everything we want to watch. Whether it is about watching a movie or live broadcasting, we can choose all these wherever we want to, we don’t have to wait to go to our houses and open our TV or go to cinema halls and then watch the shows instead we get access to all this at our fingertips.

How to choose the perfect streaming service according to our needs?

Not all streaming service can provide all experiences in one go since every client’s needs might differ accordingly. Hence, according to the user’s choice, we have created a list of best 5 streaming apps that possess popularity about its critics: –

  1. HBO: –

    HBO is one of the most famous production houses in the world. Recently, HBO rebranded its streaming services from HBO GO to HBO MAX and HBO NOW to simply HBO. They are famous for their TV shows that have become a massive hit worldwide. Along with that, the users can also stream a variety of new as well as old movies according to their preferences. In simple words, HBO streaming services is possibly the best option that is available on the internet.
  2. Netflix: –

    Netflix is widely famous for binge-watching old TV shows. It has a wide collection of TV shows and its self-branded shows named Netflix Originals that have grown quite popular in recent times. Apart from that, the users can also stream many genres of movies that they wish to see. Netflix is on its way to become the largest streaming platform in the streaming industry hence, giving a reason to the people to give it a try.
  3. Amazon Prime Video: –

    Possibly one of the reasons that Amazon have grown as the largest company in the world is Amazon Prime Video. Apart from having an e-store, coming into streaming services was the best decision for Amazon. It is very for its latest movies and web series. People who love to watch thriller and mystery sequences should definitely opt from Amazon Prime Video. It has a shining collection of this genre that people will definitely love.
  4. Hulu: –

    Hulu is amongst the most favourite online streaming applications available in the United States. It has unmatched experience when it comes to the enjoyment of entertainment options over the live TV. It is used by millions of subscribers across the United States which makes it one of the most viewed internet TV streaming applications. People all over the world can opt for this service. This is famous for keeping updated with the current shows and reality shows as well. People who like to watch American culture can choose Hulu as their streaming platform.
  5. Disney Plus: –

    Even Disney has come into the market of online streaming platforms and launched its highly awaited application named Disney Plus. Disney has a large viewership number and to keep the structured to the ground, they have provided this amazing application. All those people who love to watch Disney movies need to go for this. Addition of Marvel movies to its application have given an extra boost to it.


There are apps like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, HULU, which provide one of the best online streaming services. But with an increase in these online streaming services, it is becoming difficult for the public to choose which one is best and which is not. Hence, it is very important to keep some points in mind before selecting your online streaming platform