Get Secure with a Private Email Address via EPRIVO

Get Secure with a Private Email Address via EPRIVO

Private: Do Not Enter, Unless

These days there are so few things left private. We are bolder, louder and more transparent than ever before. This out-in-the-open way of life is liberating and also brings so many different people together. Yet, there are still some things you want to be kept private. When it comes to cybersecurity, though, that is easier said than done.

Many people feel that their email address is private. After all, you signed up with a username and password with a server who ensures security and lets you know if there are sign-ups from an unusual location. From a superficial point of view, this would seem pretty secure. Unfortunately, more and more cyber hacks are happening in the exact places we feel the most secure, our email address.

Prevent and Protect

Here is why: every time your information is released it doesn’t go out into the proverbial ether of the computer world. Rather, it is stored or observed by trolls of all kinds. From the harmless spammers to the more dangerous cyber theft, you want to protect yourself.

Thankfully companies like EPRIVO have made it super easy to do just that. Here are the basic protections you will want to look for when setting up your private email address:

Use Your Own Email Address: EPRIVO makes it easy to go private without having to lose your email address. After all, it doesn’t help to go private if you also lose all your contacts and way to run your business and communicate in the process. In fact, EPRIVO is the only company that secures YOUR existing email address. Meanwhile, if you are concerned about other security measures, have no fear. EPRIVO also never stores any of your emails, nor does it open you up to digital vulnerabilities. This is a healthy separation of security vs hosting roles. (More on this below)

Complete Privacy Controls: Unlike the run of the mill security provided by your email server, EPRIVO has brought their cyber-science and vast expertise to ensuring your email is locked uptight. They have established incredibly innovative privacy controls, you can utilize for every single email! That means you have 100% sender control and as a sender you can retain that control even after your emails are sent. You can do that in both cloud and recipients’ devices. Want more? EPRIVO has you covered. You can actually recall emails that have been sent already removing them entirely from cyberspace and recipients’ devices. For example, perhaps you are taking care of that student loan. You need to send an important identity and financial information. Once your recipient has received it though, do you really want to remain that vulnerable? Of course not. Use EPRIVO and recall that puppy, before anyone can steal a thing.

Private Email Address No Matter What: Whether you are sending out an email or receiving one, all of your emails will go through a process of authentication. Regardless of how old your account is, EPRIVO can privatize it and archive and encrypt it. For any regular email, EPRIVO actually ranks them by privacy and sensitivity helping you decide what is sensitive. As you privatize email, the app learns your preferences and adjusts the privacy rankings of similar future emails.

This may sound very involved, but EPRIVO has done all the work, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. A private email address does not have to be complex. The beauty of a private email address is the simplicity in sending private emails, a project that took EPRIVO years to perfect until its launch.

Now you can benefit from all of their hard work and send your emails without care.

To Wrap Up

EPRIVO offers the world’s only completely private email address utilizing your already existing email. This allows you to have long-term privacy, password protection, even if you yourself have not created a strong password. It is fully integrated so you can use it on any of your devices and platforms. Perhaps the best part is that EPRIVO is offering all of this at such a low-cost, that it is completely accessible to everyone!