Does Walton and Johnson have a podcast?

Does Walton and Johnson have a podcast?

Walton and Johnson – The Radio Gawds :: Podcast.

How many people listen to Walton and Johnson?

No personality on the air today gives an audience such a diverse frame of thought as Walton & Johnson. No matter what they say, they do make you think. Walton & Johnson’s Core Demo of 25-54 M consistently ranks #1 at all affiliates.

What station is Walton and Johnson on in Texas?

The show airs from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on WJBO, 1150 AM and 97.7 FM in Baton Rouge, WRNO 99.5 in New Orleans, KFTE 105.1 FM in Lafayette, KZMZ 96.9 in Alexandria and KTUX 98.9 (out of Carthage, Texas), serving the Shreveport area, along with 10 other stations throughout the South.

How do I email Walton and Johnson?

NEED MORE HELP? Email us at [email protected].

What happened to Walton and Johnson radio show?

What happened to ‘Walton and Johnson’? On July 2, 2019, Steve Johnson made the shocking announcement that his co-host John Walton had died the previous evening, citing medical issues that Walton had kept private for some time. “His medical issues were too numerous to overcome,” Johnson wrote.

Who are the characters on the Walton and Johnson show?

Walton served as straight man to the comedy of Johnson, who voices the stereotypical characters Mr. Kenneth, Mr. Eaux and Billy Ed. The duo’s adult and often shocking humor alienated some listeners and critics but won over many fans over the years.

What happened to the Walton and Johnson radio show?

Who took Walton’s place on Walton and Johnson?

John Walton passed away on July 1, 2019; producer Ken Webster has now officially moved into the co-host role opposite Steve Johnson.

Why is Walton and Johnson off the air?

Was there a real John Boy Walton?

The real life John-Boy, Earl Hamner Jr., who created ‘The Waltons,’ dies at age 92. LOS ANGELES — Earl Hamner Jr., the versatile and prolific writer who drew upon his Depression-era upbringing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to create one of television’s most beloved family shows, The Waltons, has died.

What happened to Walton on the Walton and Johnson show?

How old is Stevie Johnson tennis player?

32 years (December 24, 1989)Steve Johnson / Age