Does shaft flex matter in wedges?

Does shaft flex matter in wedges?

What is this? Based on what we have found, it is evident the golf shaft flex does matter, not just when it comes to wedges, but all clubs. If you do not have the correct shaft flex on your wedges you will not maximize the potential of the club.

Do wedges have stiff shafts?

Wedge flexes are stiff. Some wedges come in lighter with less stiff flexes and some come in heavier. Usually the range between stiffness levels is about 5 grams in weight per shaft. It is recommended to keep your wedge shafts the same or heavier than your irons.

Are Aerotech shafts good?

They are smooth, stable and incredibly consistent. I’ve played 135g Dynamic Gold X100 steel shafts all my life, but these 95g SteelFiber shafts are more consistent and far easier to swing than the steel I’ve been using. The vibration dampening is great, and a pure strike feels like the ball wasn’t even there.

Do wedges have different shafts?

If you are thinking about getting new wedges, make sure you have the right shafts. What shafts should you play in your wedges? The very short answer is play the same shaft in your wedges as you do in your irons. But, boy do we see a lot of variation of what is in our players bags.

What shafts do pros use in their wedges?

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 is by far the most popular wedge shaft with 37% of the top 100 PGA Tour players using it. The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 is the next most popular and True Temper shafts account for over 70% of the wedge shafts used by this elite group.

Should your wedges have the same shaft as your irons?

Clubfitters recommend golfers have the same shafts in their wedges and irons. Different shaft flexes & weights can lead to loss of distance, greater shot dispersion and different ball flight than expected. Better players can however select softer flex shafts for high lofted wedges for more control.

Should wedges have heavier shafts?

Golfers who like to make half swings and pitch shots with their wedges generally use a heavier wedge shaft to add clubface and swing path consistency. Golfers who make full swings with their wedges and want faster clubhead speed generally play with club shafts similar in weight to their iron set.

Which pros use Aerotech shafts?

Aerotech Golf shafts are available as custom options with many nationally celebrated golf club manufacturers such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Wilson, Cleveland Golf, Miura, PXG, Srixon, KZG and Nakashima Golf.

Do SteelFiber shafts play stiff to flex?

Our Experience with Steelfiber in Club Fitting A good example of this is KBS TGI, a pure graphite shaft, which can be very hard, but also light. The big advantage of Steelfiber shafts is exactly this: it is possible to use a light shaft with a relatively stiff flex.

What shaft do pros use in wedges?

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 is by far the most popular wedge shaft with 37% of the top 100 PGA Tour players using it.

Should you have heavier shafts in your wedges?

There’s nothing wrong with playing the same shaft flex throughout your irons and wedges, but if you find yourself struggling to execute those three-quarter and half swings, consider the idea of testings a softer wedge flex in a heavier weight.

Can you put an iron shaft in a wedge?

Many players use the same iron shaft in their wedge clubs. But here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider a specially designed wedge shaft for your high pitching clubs, and how they can help your game. Playing the same shaft as your irons in your wedge clubs may downplay the importance of your wedge game.