Does Jeff Hardy still have tattoo from Ink Master?

Does Jeff Hardy still have tattoo from Ink Master?

His first tattoo was a black and white dragon on his leg that he still hasn’t gotten around to finishing. Corey Graves said he likes having tattoos that aren’t fully done because it gives him a feeling of incompleteness. But other tattoos on Jeff are completed and they’re masterfully done as well.

Does Jeff Hardy still have his octopus tattoo?

Tattoo: On his leg, Jeff has got the tattoo of the octopus strangulating the bunny at his neck. He got it done on the Ink Master show and he claims that this took nearly six hours to be completed. He got the tattoo done from Jesse Smith.

What does the Jeff Hardy symbol mean?

Many people wonder about the meaning behind Jeff Hardy’s pendant. At first glance, it is not immediately apparent. The pendant is an artistically shaped H with one side forming a number 3 and a sword pierced through the middle. The number 3 stands for Jeff, Matt and their father.

Does Jesse Smith have tattoos?

Jesse Smith did his first tattoo in March of ’98 and is known for his quirky, colorful, illustrative based art. He has won numerous awards for his tattoo work and has been featured in almost every tattoo publication out there. He is currently tattooing at Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia’s very own Carytown.

Did Jamie Davies ever get a tattoo?

Though he may ink others for a living, Jamie himself has only one tattoo, a black light piece located on the side of his neck. Starting out as a comic book artist, Jamie quickly grew bored with its repetitiveness and transitioned into the world of tattooing, which he feels is a perfect fit for his artistic skill set.

What is Jeff Hardy height?

6′ 1″Jeff Hardy / Height

Where does Kelly Doty tattoo?

Helheim Gallery
Even with her increased fame through Ink Masters and her traveling convention schedule, Doty can be found tattooing at her Helheim Gallery in her adopted home of Salem, Mass..