Does Class 1 Div 2 require explosion-proof motors?

Does Class 1 Div 2 require explosion-proof motors?

While Division 1 motors in Class I locations must be explosion-proof, Class II, Division 1 motors must be dust- ignition-proof. The characteristics of dust-ignition-proof motors differ from those of their Class I counterparts.

Are TEFC motors rated for Class 2 Div 2?

1 location and a TEFC motor may not be appropriate for a Class II, Div. 2 location.

What is a Class 1 Division 2 motor?

Class I, Division 2. This classification usually includes locations where volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases or vapors are used, but which, in the judgment of the authority having jurisdiction, would become hazardous only in case of an accident or of some unusual operating condition.

Can a Tefc motor be explosion-proof?

The enclosure is “Totally Enclosed”. This means that the motor is dust tight, and has a moderate water seal as well. TEFC motors are not secure against high pressure water nor submersible. They are also not explosion proof without additional modifications.

How do you tell if a motor is explosion-proof?

Motors that satisfy UL explosion proof certification are clearly identifiable by a UL listing identification plate, affixed to the motor enclosure. The plate defines the class, division and group compliance of the motor.

How do you know if a motor is explosion-proof?

An explosion proof motor is clearly marked with a nameplate that identifies its suitability for a given hazardous environment. Depending on the agency certifying the motor, the nameplate will clearly indicate the hazardous location Class, Division, and Group for which the motor is suited.

What is an IEEE 841 motor?

IEEE-841 motors are designed for the petrochemical and chemical industries. The IEEE-841 specification covers 1-500 horsepower 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole motors. The nominal efficiencies of these motors from most manufacturers comply with NEMA Premium.

What class of motor is explosion proof?

Based on these classifications, Class I, Division 1 motors are built to operate in environments routinely exposed to significant quantities of potentially explosive atmospheric gases or vapors. They must be built and labeled as explosion-proof.