Does an attic fan need a dedicated circuit?

Does an attic fan need a dedicated circuit?

If you have your attic lights, an outlet, and your attic fan on a 15A circuit, you’re probably fine. You only need an individual branch circuit (what’s called “dedicated” in the trade) in specific scenarios. Kitchens and similar areas need a small appliance outlet dedication.

Can I use an extension cord for an attic fan?

And my personal favorite: DON’T use extension cords to connect wires in the attic or above suspended ceilings/ANYWHERE. These are just accidents waiting to happen. These locations must have a receptacle mounted flush with the ceiling with the unit’s power cord visible at all times.

How do you wire an attic fan thermostat?

Run NM cable from the attic fan thermostat to the attic light. Use the hammer and staples to secure the cable to the joists at 12 inch intervals. Staple the cable within 8 inches of both the attic light box and the thermostat box. Leave enough cable at each end to work with.

Do electricians install attic fans?

Electricians typically only complete the wiring of an attic fan. The installation is done by a roofer or a carpenter.

How many amps does an attic fan need?

An attic fan needs up to 5 Amps of service. Up to 10 electrical boxes can be handled by a standard 15-amp home circuit. A 20-amp circuit can handle up to 13 boxes.

How much power does an attic fan draw?

The average attic fan draws less than 300 watts, making it seem like an energy-efficient home improvement, but some professionals in the field claim that attic fans are not a cost-saving investment.

Is it OK to plug an extension cord into a power strip?

Extension cords are only for temporary use and are not to be left plugged into wall outlets when not being actively used. This plugs into a wall outlet and is considered a power strip even though it doesn’t have a cord. Do not plug an extension cord or power strip into it.

What happens if you plug an extension cord into another extension cord?

Once you have two identical extension leads connected in series, one after the other, the extension cord’s resistance effectively increases. This results in greater heating of the cord and possible damage to the insulation, which can be the source of fires and electrical shock.

How do I bypass the thermostat on my attic fan?

Make one of your wires from the 12-2 (either red or black) a direct power to your thermostat. Make the other wire from your 12-2 run off your switch to your fan and splice it in with the wire going from the thermostat to the fan motor; in other words that switch will go straight to the fan motor.

What size attic fan would an electrician need for a 1500 square foot home?

Attic fan size chart for quick reference

Attic floor area Recommended attic fan size
1000 sq.ft 700 CFM
1500 sq.ft 1050 CFM
2000 sq.ft 1400 CFM
2500 sq.ft 1750 CFM