Did the hurricane hit Waveland Mississippi?

Did the hurricane hit Waveland Mississippi?

The city of Waveland was incorporated in 1972. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 6,435. Waveland was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Camille on August 17, 1969, and by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005….

Waveland, Mississippi
State Mississippi
County Hancock
• Total 8.63 sq mi (22.36 km2)

When did Hurricane Katrina hit Waveland?

29 August 2005
Hurricane Katrina hit Waveland – “Ground Zero” – on 29 August 2005. At that time we lived in a small, lovely town called Waveland, MS, and just 4 blocks from the beach.

What cities in Mississippi were affected by Hurricane Katrina?

Over 90% of Pascagoula, the easternmost coastal city in Mississippi, was flooded from surge. Other Jackson County communities such as Porteaux Bay were destroyed, and St. Martin was hard hit, along with Ocean Springs, Moss Point, Gautier, and Escatawpa.

Did Katrina hit Laurel MS?

Although Laurel was not hit as hard as the New Orleans or the Gulf Coast, Katrina’s outer bands released a tornado outbreak that produced more than 58 tornadoes over a few days. Our city and state were devastated.

How far inland do hurricanes go in Mississippi?

– 200 miles inland
Hurricanes can travel up to 100 – 200 miles inland. However, once a hurricane moves inland, it can no longer draw on heat energy from the ocean and weakens rapidly to a tropical storm (39 to 73 mph winds) or tropical depression.

What category was Katrina when it hit Mississippi?

Category 1
Katrina weakened rapidly after moving inland over southern and central Mississippi, becoming a Category 1 hurricane by 1pm on the 29th. It weakened to a tropical storm about six hours later just northwest of Meridian, Mississippi.

What does Waveland mean?

Waveland may refer to: in the Atlantic Ocean. The islet of Rockall, designated as an independent state by Greenpeace in the United States.

What was IDAS storm surge?

Ida’s storm surge height reached only eight feet, in part, because the storm rapidly intensified, giving less time for its strongest winds to build up. Ida was a tropical depression only three days before it struck and was a Category 2 storm only 12 hours before landfall, Smith said.

Why was katrinas storm surge so high?

“Katrina came into the Mississippi Gulf Coast on the worst possible track for a high storm surge,” he says. “The shallow depth of the offshore shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the bay-like shape of the shoreline, contributed to the high surge.”

How far inland did Katrina flood?

Katrina’s powerful right-front quadrant passed over the west and central Mississippi coast, causing a powerful 27-foot (8.2 m) storm surge, which penetrated 6 miles (10 km) inland in many areas and up to 12 miles (19 km) inland along bays and rivers; in some areas, the surge crossed Interstate 10 for several miles.