Did Braiden Sunshine win The Voice?

Did Braiden Sunshine win The Voice?

Stefani, the team leader, chose Braiden. The victory surprised him: “You can see it. I almost fall back on stage. I was stunned.”

Who Won The Voice season 9 winner?

Jordan SmithThe Voice (US) – Season 9 / WinnerJordan Mackenzie Smith is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Harlan, Kentucky. Smith began singing in his church choir and continued through his college education at Lee University.
In 2015 he gained national recognition when he won season 9 of the singing competition The Voice. Wikipedia

Who Won The Voice 2015 USA?

Season nine: Jordan Smith Smith won season nine of “The Voice” in 2015 as a member of Levine’s team.

What happened to sunshine from the voice?

As the winner of The Voice, he was guaranteed a contract with Republic Records out of New York City. The reality, as he puts it, is he that signed with a hip-hop label who couldn’t find a country music partner, so his record was permanently shelved.

Where is Braiden Sunshine from?

Southeastern Connecticut
The Franklin Brothers Band is a 10-piece Steely Dan Tribute Band from Southeastern Connecticut.

Who’s team was Jordan Smith on The Voice?

Team Adam
Jordan Mackenzie Smith (born November 4, 1993) in Whitley County, Kentucky is an American singer and musician. In December 2015, he won season nine of the singing competition The Voice, which brought him to wide national attention….

Jordan Smith
Occupation: Singer, Musician
The Voice
Season: Season 9
Team(s): Team Adam

What is Jordan from The Voice doing now?

Like most people, Jordan had a hard time through the difficulties of 2020, he decided to use his music to inspire people who were also struggling. He released a single, “Great You Are,” in 2021, which will be part of the album he plans to release with the Provident Label Group.