Can you fly into Page Arizona?

Can you fly into Page Arizona?

Page Airport is a commercial service airport with daily flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix. At the center of the Grand Circle (Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and Zion National Park), Page Airport is perfectly situated, inviting travelers to come and explore.

What airlines fly out of Page Arizona?

Only one airline company operates some domestic, commercial flights out of Page Airport: Great Lakes Airlines partners with United Airlines. Great Lakes Airlines flies turbo propeller planes from Page Airport. You can fly direct to Phoenix, AZ, or Telluride, CO, from Page Airport.

What airport do you fly into for Antelope Canyon?

The closest airport to Antelope Canyon is Las Vegas International Airport.

How far is Page Arizona from airport?

Most visitors to Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, etc. choose to fly into Phoenix or Las Vegas. Either airport is about a 5 hour drive from Page.

What major airport is closest to Page Arizona?

The closest major airport to Page, Arizona is Page Municipal Airport (PGA / KPGA). This airport is 1 mile from the center of Page, AZ.

What major airport is closest to Page AZ?

Flagstaff Pullium Airport
After Page Municipal Airport, Flagstaff Pullium Airport is the closest to Page. With direct flights to Phoenix, Dallas, and Denver, and connections to hundreds of other airports worldwide, Flagstaff Pullium Airport is a convenient option for travelers to Page.

What airport is closest to Page AZ?

What town is closest to Antelope Canyon?

Page, Arizona
Page, Arizona Where is Antelope Canyon? It is in Northern Arizona and the closest town is Page, Arizona. It is a small town that has a population of around 7,250.

What is the closest city to Page Arizona?

Cities & Towns Cameron, Arizona: 83 miles south. Jacob Lake, Arizona: 80 miles west. Kayenta, Arizona: 95 miles east. Flagstaff, Arizona: 136 miles south.

What is there to see between Flagstaff and Page AZ?

The top stops along the way from Flagstaff to Page (with short detours) are Antelope Canyon, Walnut Canyon National Monument, and Sunset Crater. Other popular stops include Wupatki National Monument, Lowell Observatory, and Cameron Trading Post.

What airport do you fly into for Monument Valley?

The nearest airport to Monument Valley is Page (PGA). However, there are better options for getting to Monument Valley. You can drive from Montrose (MTJ) to Monument Valley in around 5h 53m.

What major city is close to Page Arizona?