Can you eat in at Gloucester services?

Can you eat in at Gloucester services?

In our Kitchen, kids eat real food, just like adults. High-chairs are available on request. Our Kitchen has a family station for handwashing, bottle warming and microwaving. We sell Ella’s Kitchen baby food. We have indoor and outdoor play areas at both Northbound and Southbound.

Can you access Gloucester Services Southbound?

Both our Northbound and Southbound services are only accessible from the M5. However we are only a couple of miles away from the next junction in both directions.

Does Gloucester services have a McDonalds?

Not a McDonalds in sight! Great place, lively food and friendly staff.

Why are Gloucester Services closed?

The news comes after the services, which is located between Junction 11a and 12 on the M5, was shut for three months due to the pandemic which the services bosses said had a “huge impact” on the business.

Do Gloucester services have fuel?

Our 24-hour Filling Station shop is well stocked with drivers’ essentials and groceries, including locally sourced food and drink from our Farmshop producers, fresh handmade bread and prepacked meat from our butchers.

Can you park overnight at Gloucester services?

Parking is free for three hours. We have dedicated HGV parking areas. Parking tickets for stays of more than three hours are available after 10pm: £23 including a £5 voucher to spend in our Kitchen. Please purchase in the Filling Station.

Is Gloucester services on both sides of the motorway?

Gloucester Services are a pair of Motorway Service Areas (MSA) serving the northbound and southbound carriageways of the M5 between Junction 11A and Junction 12, near Whaddon, Gloucester. It specialises in selling artisanal food, and does not offer outlets for popular chain food brands.

What services are on M5 Southbound?

Services on the M5

Services Location Official & Signposted?
Michaelwood M5 between J13 and J14 Yes
Gordano M5 at J19 Yes
Sedgemoor (North) M5 northbound between J21 and J22 Yes
Sedgemoor (South) M5 southbound between J21 and J22 Yes

What fuel does Gloucester service use?

Esso-branded forecourt: Synergy Supreme+ Diesel; Synergy Supreme+99 Unleaded; Synergy Diesel; Synergy Unleaded 95.

Does Gloucester services have a bridge?

There is no footbridge over, but I the services are available northbound too. over a year ago. over a year ago.

How much is parking at Gloucester services?

PARKING. Parking is free for three hours. We have dedicated HGV parking areas.

Is Gloucester Services North or South?