Can you control your Sony Soundbar from your phone?

Can you control your Sony Soundbar from your phone?

Method 2: App Control You can turn on your Soundbar through your smartphone. If you are an android user, you will go to the Google app store and find your Soundbar remote app there. You need to install that application on your android smartphone and turn on your sound.

How do I use my Sony Soundbar remote?

Syncing Sony Sound Bar With TV Remote

  1. Make sure sound bar and TV are connected using HDMI cable.
  2. Enable “Control for HDMI” on both your TV and sound bar.
  3. Finally, press “Sync Menu” on the TV remote, go to HDMI Device selection, select your sound bar and you are ready to go.

Can I use my phone as a soundbar remote?

Use infrared If you’ve purchased a flagship Android phone from Samsung, LG, or HTC in the last couple of years, it likely has a built-in IR blaster that can communicate directly with your home theater components, along with the manufacturer’s bundled remote control app.

What remotes work with Sony?

Same functions as your original remote

Samsung TV Remote Sony TV Remote
Supported Brand Samsung TVs Sony TVs
Supported types of TVs LED, LCD, Plasma LED, LCD, Plasma
Learning Feature
Batteries 2 x AAA (not incl.) 2 x AAA (not incl.)

How do I get my soundbar to work with my remote?

Setting up your TV’s audio output will allow you to control the soundbar’s volume using your remote. Once the output is set up, you can then choose to connect either a digital optical cable or an HDMI cable to the soundbar. After you do that, you’ll be able to use one remote for both your TV and soundbar.

How do I control the volume on my Sony soundbar remote?

Select [Sound] → [Headphone/Audio Out] → [Audio Out] → [Audio Out] in the sound setting menu → [Fixed] or [Variable]. Select [Fixed] to adjust the volume using the connected audio system’s remote control. Select [Variable] to adjust the volume with the TV’s remote control when using an external audio system.

What is the Sony Music Center app?

Music Center (SongPal™) is a mobile app that allows you to manage your Wireless Audio devices, and is essential to the setup of Wireless Stereo, Surround and Multi-room features.