Can I create a cPanel account with subdomain?

Can I create a cPanel account with subdomain?

The answer is YES, you can have a separate cPanel account for your subdomain. Normally, you can create your subdomains in cPanel->Subdomains->Create a Subdomain.

How do I make my subdomain my main domain?

The only thing left to do is to make your new domain primary:

  1. Click on Domains under Hosting Services.
  2. Click the Make Primary button next to your newly added subdomain.
  3. Click on Confirm to make the change.

How do I connect to a subdomain hosting?

Put a Subdomain on a Different Server

  1. Log into account.
  2. Open the Domain Manager.
  3. Click the domain you are working with.
  4. Click “Total DNS Control and MX Records”
  5. The first group in this area should be A (Host), on the top right of this bar, click Add New A Record.

How many Subdomains can a domain have?

Each domain name can have up to 500 subdomains. You can also add multiple levels of subdomains, such as A subdomain can be up to 255 characters long, but if you have multiple levels in your subdomain, each level can only be 63 characters long.

How long does it take for a subdomain to become active cPanel?

For cPanel Basic Theme: For cPanel Retro Theme: NOTE: the newly created subdomain should be available online within 5-10 minutes. However, it may take up to 30-40 minutes for the newly created record to fully propagate world-wide.

Do subdomains need to be registered?

Simple answer: No, you do not need to register a separate domain name for your subdomain. Depending on your domain name provider, there will be options to create additional subdomains.

Can domain and subdomain on different servers?

Generally, to connect a domain to a particular server we set up nameserver at the domains registrar. But when we need to point domain to one server and subdomain to another server we cannot set two different sets of name servers. So, we set appropriate A records for domain and subdomain.

Can domain and subdomain be hosted on different servers?

Yes, It’s possible. For Example. You would either Contact your Host to set this, or if you have the ability to point DNS your self then do so. Just make sure that the site you want to serve on that subdomain exists on the server that it’s pointing to.

How do I add a subdomain in WHM?

You can’t actually add subdomains within WHM. You’ll need to create a cPanel account first by going to Account Functions >> Create a New Account. After creating a new account, go to Account Information >> List Accounts and click on the cPanel icon to launch cPanel.

How do I create a new account in WHM?

Log in to WHM using root for your username and your server’s password at https://yourserverip:2087, where yourserverip is your server’s IP address. In the navigation tree, below Account Functions, select Create a New Account.

Can I create an account for a subdomain that I own?

You can create a user to represent a subdomain of a domain that you own. For example, if you own the domain, you could assign the subdomain to a new account for the username user. You cannot create a separate account for the www. subdomain. The system automatically removes the www. subdomain from the account name.

How do I set up nameservers in WHM?

You will need to first ensure that the nameservers have been set up in WHM. This page talks a little more about how to do that. Then, you will need to ensure that the nameservers are registered as well. After that, you can get your domain name registered at a domain registrar and add the nameservers to the domain to allow it to resolve correctly.