Can hedgehogs take dust baths?

Can hedgehogs take dust baths?

As with every play activity it is always wise to keep an eye out for any problem. On occasion new hedgehog owners are surprised to find that their hedgehog prefers to dust bathe in their litter pan instead of using it for its intended purpose!

Do hedgehogs need a sand bath?

There are the regular baths where the water is filled up to their chins, there are the foot baths that soak their feet and legs, and there are sand baths where the hedgehog chooses to bathe and have fun inside a container full of safe sand.

What can I bathe my hedgehog with?

Bathing Your Hedgehog

  • Hedgehogs have naturally dry skin, so you do not want to bath them very often.
  • Hedgehogs are very good swimmers and it is safe to make the bath deep enough for your little one to swim.
  • To wash your hedgehog, you can use Aveeno Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, or a mild unscented liquid hand soap.

How often should you bathe a hedgehog?

Once a month
Once a month bathing is adequate for the average hedgehog. Some hedgehogs need baths frequently and others seldom need one. Bathing generally helps to relieve dry skin; however, bathing too frequently may contribute to dry skin.

Can I put coconut oil on my hedgehog?

If your hedgehog has dry, itchy skin, you can mix a couple drops of flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, or Vitamin E in their clean rinse water. Don’t apply it directly to their skin because any oils can potentially clog the pores. We don’t recommend olive oil or coconut oil in their rinse water.

Can I put olive oil on my hedgehog?

Four to five drops of olive oil can be applied directly on the hedgehog’s skin between the quills to help soothe some of the dryness. Either an eyedropper or a syringe (without the needle) works well to drop the oil directly on the skin. Olive oil treatment can be repeated every 2-3 days as necessary.

How do you dry a hedgehog after a bath?

Rinse all the soap from your hedgie because soap residue can cause dry skin as well. Wrap your hedgie in a dryer warmed towel or warm up a towel with a hair dryer on a low setting. Keep one hand in the towel with your hedgehog so you can make sure your hedgehog is not getting too warm.

Why does my hedgehog not like baths?

Pre-heat the surface of the vessel that holds the bath water and get it to the same temperature of the bath water. Many hedgehogs are sensitive to sudden temperature change against their skin and if the first thing that touches their skin is colder than them, it’s not going to go well!

Do hedgehogs like taking baths?

Many hedgehogs love to play in warm water and will enjoy themselves during bath time. We prefer to give hedgehogs a bath in a sink or a bathtub. Hedgehogs are prone to relieve themselves in the warm water so we prefer to use our laundry sink.

At what age can you give a hedgehog a bath?

Hedgehogs as young as 5 to 6 weeks are capable of taking a bath. Once they are weaned, bathing is completely fine as that would not bother their mothers. You should start with a foot bath, so they become comfortable with water. Hedgehogs generally do not like to be in the water.