Can an artifact be a commander?

Can an artifact be a commander?

A straightforward option for a mono-blue artifact Commander, Sai Master Thopterist is a commander who converts artifacts cast into additional value through the creation of tokens. Whenever Sai’s controller casts an artifact, they create a flying 1/1 thopter artifact creature token.

Are artifact decks good in Commander?

These decks use cards that reduce the cost of artifacts, put them onto the battlefield for free, make them indestructible, and may even take advantage of intricate synergies between artifacts to achieve an infinite combo. Artifacts are consistently one of the most popular themes in the Commander format.

How do you deal with black artifacts?

Gate to Phyrexia and Phyrexian Tribute are literally the only things that deals with artifacts in mono black once they hit field. The best way for black to deal with artifacts that are too troublesome to bear is with targeted discard, such as Duress, Thoughtseize, Distress, etc..

What is affinity for artifacts?

Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs less to cast for each artifact you control.) Artifact creature spells you cast have affinity for artifacts. (They cost less to cast for each artifact you control.)

How many artifacts should be in a Commander deck?

I’d recommend around 8 pieces or so in addition, contextual on your curve. The more colors you run, the more ramp you should think about adding. Depends on the deck, but I usually run 3-5, which is less than most.

Can a legendary vehicle be a commander?

Nope, it can’t be used as a commander.

Is Memnarch a good Commander?

Memnarch is simply a Commander that I’ve played for a lot longer with fonder memories with. Memnarch’s abilities are also a lot more interactive than Teferi’s and I prize the removal aspect that Memnarch allows for my deck.

Does destroy target artifact work on artifact creatures?

Yes. An artifact creature counts and both an artifact and a creature.

Can artifacts be destroyed?

Every Artifact is Different An artifact must be destroyed in some special way. Otherwise, it is impervious to damage.

Does affinity reduce 0 cost?

502.31b The affinity ability reduces only generic mana costs; it doesn’t reduce how much colored mana you have to pay for a spell. Affinity can’t reduce the cost to play a spell to less than 0.

Are artifact lands basic lands?

Non-basic lands and spells are limited to 4 each (unless banned or restricted). Artifact lands are non-basics and are subject to the limitation.