Are there different size washing machine drain hoses?

Are there different size washing machine drain hoses?

The drain hose is available in different lengths, and universal sizes are 1 to 1ΒΌ inches in diameter. The length of the drain hose depends on how far the washer is from the stand pipe or laundry sink.

What is the diameter of a washing machine drain hose?

The drain pipe should be a minimum of 1-1/2″ I.D. (inside diameter) to ensure proper draining. The washer drain hose is a 1-1/4″ O.D. (outside diameter). To be confident that no siphoning of water will take place, the drain plumbing must be a minimum of 30″ high for Top Load washers.

What is a non return valve on a washing machine?

Fitting a ‘non-return’ or ‘check’ valve between the supply hose on an appliance (washing machines and dishwashers) and the cold water supply will prevent the water being tainted by the connecting rubber hose.

Are all washing machine drain hoses the same?

Most washing machines have a drain hose between 1 and 1 1/2 inches wide. The drain standpipe has a gooseneck at the end. The washer could back up and possibly overflow if the hose is looped behind the machine.

Can a washing machine drain line be 1 1 2?

Drain and Trap Requirements A 2-inch drain pipe is required for all washing machines. The former requirement of 1 1/2-inch pipe is not enough to handle the fast drainage of modern washers. As with all plumbing fixtures and appliances, a washing machine drain pipe must also contain a P-trap.

What size is a washing machine hose fitting?

3/4 inch
3/4 inch BSP threaded connection (standard washing machine hose thread).

Can a washing machine drain hose be too long?

Make sure that the drain hose is not stretched, pinched, crushed, or kinked. Do not install the drain hose with the end lower than 29.5 inches (75 cm) or higher than 96 inches (244 cm) above the bottom of the washer or more than 60 inches (152 cm) away from the washer.

Does a washing machine need a single or double check valve?

outside tap with hand held hose needs a double check valve to prevent possible backflow,washing machines/dish washers each need a single check valve to prevent tainted water being drawn into your mains water tap’s from the rubber hoses. internal taps,shower mixers may need backflow prevention.

Do you need a check valve on a washing machine?

commercial environment requires check valve, domestic doesnt – though a domestic appliance used for commercial situation does also require one.

Are washing machine water hoses Universal?

All washing machines should use standard sizes and fittings. But there are variances in design across different manufacturers and a few potential problems as discussed in this article. You will always get new fill hoses with a new washing machine.

Are hot and cold washing machine hoses the same?

There isn’t a difference between the hot and cold water hoses. They are marked so you can identify them. If they are reversed, it doesn’t matter.