Are there any new rides coming to Thorpe Park?

Are there any new rides coming to Thorpe Park?

December 11, 2021 – Thorpe Park, the popular Merlin Entertainment owned theme park in Surrey UK, has revealed plans this week for a new rollercoaster which ia set to be the tallest ride in the UK at 236ft and could be ready to open in 2024.

What is the newest Thorpe Park ride?

Project Exodus
Project Exodus, as it is currently known, in the theme park in Chertsey will be the tallest ride in the UK at 72m, surpassing the Big One (65m) in Lancashire’s Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

What is the fastest Thorpe Park ride?

As of February 2022, Stealth at Thorpe Park ranked as the fastest rollercoaster in the UK with a top speed of 128.7 kilometers per hour (approximately 80 miles per hour). The ride also ranked as the second highest rollercoaster in the UK behind the Big One at Blackpool pleasure beach.

What is the least scariest ride at Thorpe Park?

Nemesis Inferno believe it or not is probably going to be the least scariest of the lot in terms of roller coasters.

How fast does Stealth go?

80 mphStealth / Max speed

How many G is Stealth?

Length 1,312 feet (400 Metres)
Inversions 0
Steepest drop 90°
Maximum G-Force 4.5G

How many times has Stealth rollback?

All three times, a ride mechanic had to take an elevator to the top, and give the train a small push so it could complete the ride. It has also happened twice on Stealth at Thorpe Park, both during early morning tests.

Does Rush at Thorpe Park go upside down?

The hydraulics system kicks in, and with a powerful ‘whoosh’, you’re launched forward or back, depending on which side you’re seated on. Gradually, you get higher and higher, until things start to seem a little upside-down… So, you’re wondering, what does the ride feel like?

What is the steepest roller coaster in the UK?

The Big One is a steel roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Lancashire, UK. When it was opened in 1994, The Big One was the tallest and steepest roller coaster in the world – a record it held for two years. It is currently the tallest roller coaster in the UK and stands 213 feet tall.

How tall is Stealth?

205 ft high
At 205 ft high, the roller coaster flies slowly over the peak of the top hat.