Are slipper springs any good?

Are slipper springs any good?

Slipper springs provide an effective and durable suspension system, and are suitable for both single axle and tandem axle trailers with an ATM up to 1,990 kg.

Are slipper springs OK off road?

Do not put slipper springs on your camper. Under extreme conditions, the slipper springs can dislodge themselves from it a rear hanger. Campers, especially off-road campers, use the eye to eye springs. Campers with slipper springs are restricted to on-road use for problem-free motoring.

Are torsion axles better than spring?

Torsion trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance. Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on. Selecting the proper axle is as simple as determining your application, and figuring out the loads you need to carry.

What is a slipper spring axle?

Slipper springs have an eye on the front of the spring and an arched open end on the rear, allowing the spring to “slip” on the equalizer or rear hanger.

Should you grease slipper springs?

Re: Slipper spring question UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) needs no lubrication or grease or UHMW-PE (polyethelene)(red in color) is even better as one of it’s recommended uses is for suspension wear plates.

Are torsion axles good for off road?

Torsion axles work well on road, I have them on my horse trailer, but off road they just don’t perform well. Failure of a torsion axle is not repairable in the field the closest you can come to it is welding a gusset in place to solidify the broke arm.

How long do trailer torsion axles last?

Subject: RE: Rubber Torsion Axle Life Expectancy? the lifespan is 15-20 years…. no matter how many miles towed or how stored (weight off frame, etc.)

What is a double eye spring?

Double eye leaf springs are identifiable by the two closed ‘eyes’ on either end of the spring. All available springs measure 1 ¾” in width and comes with a 9/16” inner dimension nylon bushing already in both eyes.

How long do trailer leaf springs last?

Regular boat trailer leaf springs last two or three years on average. **Remember, when upgrading to torsion axles from leaf springs, plan on raising your boat trailer fenders up a few inches to give your trailer tires the clearance they need.