Are mega blocks any good?

Are mega blocks any good?

Mega Bloks is also known for lesser quality and precision, which is reflected in the cheaper prices. But they make things like camo-bricks with different colors fused together, which is very cool. Building instructions for LEGO sets are pretty easy to follow.

Do Mega blocks come in different sizes?

The blocks come in different sizes and are easy for small hands to grasp, but they are large enough to pose no threat of choking. Buy Today!

Is Mega Bloks owned by Lego?

The main difference between both toys is the company that produces them. Lego is produced by the Lego Group, a private company in Denmark while Mega Blocks is produced by Mega Brands, a public company based in Canada.

Are Mega Bloks compatible with Duplo?

However , DUPLO Bloks will NOT fit onto mega Bloks. So. If you have both sets the answer is yes, you can use them together. As long as you are fitting the mega Bloks on top of the DUPLO and not other way around .

Is Mega Blocks better than LEGO?

Standard Lego bricks are significantly smaller than standard Megabloks bricks. However, Megablocks micro bricks are compatible with Lego. Lego bricks are also considered more durable and higher quality.

Are Dragon Blok compatible with LEGO?

Pieces do not fit tight enough to stay together, even with light play. A bonus, dragonblok seems to work well with Lego, unlike Mega Blocks, so with some interchanged parts, they might be ok.

What age is Megablocks for?

The Mega Bloks bag is great for carrying the blocks around. When playtime is over, simply load your blocks into the bag and store them nearly, or carry them with you for creativity on-the-go. Suitable for age 12 months and over.

Are mega blocks good for 1 year old?

At this age, children are just learning to stack blocks — and they may have more fun knocking over towers than actually building them. Mega bloks are like giant Legos — perfect for little hands that lack a lot of coordination.

Are Dragon Blok compatible with Lego?

Does Mattel own mega?

On February 28, 2014, it was announced that Mattel, Inc. would acquire Mega Brands Inc. for approximately US$450 million. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel as of April 20, 2014.

Is LEGO better than Mega Bloks?

Are Mega Bloks toxic?

“We are pleased that Health Canada tested Mega Bloks for lead and has confirmed that the product is safe,” said Mega Brands president and CEO Marc Bertrand on Oct. 17. “The confusion that Protegez-Vous created has been put to rest. There is nothing more important to Mega Brands than the safety of our toys.”