Are encaustic tiles out of style?

Are encaustic tiles out of style?

Maria and I were having a conversation about the encaustic tile fad trend, and I said, no wait, this is not exactly new. Encaustic tiles have been around for centuries. They come in and out of fashion. Rarely is anything in the design world entirely new.

What does encaustic mean in tiles?

to heat or burn in
The term encaustic means “to heat or burn in” from an ancient Greek word. Encaustic materials are produced through a process which involves heating to seal in the dyes and clays. Traditional encaustic tiles are made using clay and powdered glazes, and are fired in a coal or wood-fired kiln.

What does encaustic look mean?

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles in which the pattern or figure on the surface is not a product of the glaze but of different colors of clay. They are usually of two colours but a tile may be composed of as many as six.

Is encaustic tile durable?

Cement tile is extremely durable. With the proper care, they can last a lifetime in your home, too. To hold up properly, cement tiles must be sealed with several coats of penetrating sealer during installation. Sealer must then be reapplied periodically, as cement tile surfaces tend to be very porous without sealing.

Will encaustic tiles date?

Unlike glazed patterns, which sit on the surface of the tile, the colours run through the tile itself, so they won’t wear off over time. While encaustic tiles date back centuries, their bold, graphic patterns and rich colours make them an appealing choice for both traditional and contemporary homes.

How do you care for encaustic tiles?

‘Encaustic tiles that have become stained or dirty can generally be cleaned with fresh water, detergents or proprietary tile cleaners – but never soak them,’ says Hunt. ‘Where water is used to clean encaustic tiles, control its spread; a wet towel left on the floor overnight can be effective. ‘

Where do encaustic tiles come from?

Encaustic tile is traditionally made from clay, but today, most modern versions of the tile are made using cement and are often referred to simply as cement tile. “Cement tile is handmade, entirely of concrete (not painted), in a metal mold and hydraulically pressed,” explains Clamp.

Do you have to seal encaustic tiles?

Sealing the Tiles: All encaustic tiles are porous, therefore it is important to seal the tiles correctly to reduce the natural absorption and maintain the desired appearance. If the recommended care system is used the surface will be easier to maintain.

Where did encaustic tiles originate?

Traditional encaustic tile originated in Europe, unlike many other types of tile which have their roots in Asia. At first, to simulate the look of Roman mosaics, European craftsmen would etch patterns into stones with knives and fill in the holes with clay.

Will patterned tile go out of style?

Keep in mind that patterned tiles have been around for centuries, there is no way that it is going out of style anytime soon! Just remember to complement your house style and design aesthetic and you’ll end up with a custom design that’s perfectly you.

What do you seal encaustic tiles with?

Remember not to use acid based cleaner with encaustic tiles . When it comes to sealing there are various options available depending on the desired look of the floor, however the most popular are the natural Matt finish using either LTP Mattstone or the water based equivalent LTP Mattstone H20.

How do you seal encaustic tiles?

Using encaustic tiles in the bathroom Use Bellatrix before grouting and, after grouting, clean with a PH Neutral Cleaner or wipe with a dry microfibre cloth. After grouting, once floor is completely dry, apply another coat of Bellatrix and, if desired, a coat of wax such a Cera Noble Liquida.