A Guide On Installing Wolf Launcher On Firestick

A Guide On Installing Wolf Launcher On Firestick

On the off chance that you need to realize How to download and Install Wolf Launcher on FireStick then today you are arrived at the exceptionally right page. Today in this article, we will walk you through, How to introduce and utilize Wolf launcher on any Amazon gadgets. On the off chance that you are intrigued, at that point continue to peruse this article.

Amazon Fire TV is based on a custom adaptation of Android OS, which is the reason a large portion of its applications are cross-viable with Android TV gadgets. Notwithstanding, Fire OS is very severe regarding client customization, dissimilar to Android TV that packs heaps of personalization highlights.

On Android cell phones and tablets, the launcher is something you generally see on your gadget, and it can get somewhat exhausting following half a month or somewhere in the vicinity. The equivalent goes for the Fire TV home screen interface that solitary comprises of a solitary shading range and an old foundation. You can in any event change the launcher on your Android gadget, which is absurd on Fire TV gadgets.

Be that as it may, another adventure has been as of late found in Fire OS, letting clients utilize an outsider launcher as well as make it the default alternative until they physically transform it back to the stock Fire TV launcher.

Wolf Launcher is outstanding amongst other outsider launchers for Fire TV gadgets,

The Wolf Launcher is a custom launcher made by TechDoctorUK that will change the default UI that Amazon applies to their Fire TV gadgets.

This launcher is turning into a mainstream option in contrast to the default Fire TV interface for a few reasons.

Many are discontent with Amazon’s new Fire TV Interface that delivered in late 2020 and utilizing a custom launcher is an extraordinary method to change your interface without hurting your gadget.

The Wolf Launcher takes into consideration more customization alternatives, eliminates Amazon’s supported/recommended content, shows all side-stacked applications, and the sky is the limit from there.

This custom launcher works extraordinary on the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and then some.

What is Wolf Launcher?

Wolf Launcher is an application that allows you to tweak the home screen, symbol, and all other things of your FireStick gadget. This launcher is generally utilized by clients on their Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. The vast majority utilize this launcher on their FireStick gadget just to dispose of advertisements/supported applications.

Likewise, this launcher is very like the popular ATV launcher, in simple words, you can say Wolf launcher is the modded form of the ATV launcher (It’s a Paid application). In the event that you are exhausted with your present Firestick home screen and need to feel something else then this launcher will definitely do the work.

Why to install Wolf Launcher on Firestick?

As the use of entertainment services is growing, there is a race in using the platform to the best of means. This is both by the users and the service providers. The users tend to accumulate a lot of apps and functions to have more fun and extensive user experience.

However, service providers tend to clog the interface screen with notifications, advertisements, and whatnot. Now, this causes inefficiency in the working of systems as well as results in a reduced experience. But this can be avoided by the firestick users by using certain apps.

The firestick service users can use the wolf launcher to get things managed. Here are the steps on how to install wolf launcher on firestick. 

Steps for downloading and launching the application

Initially for getting the wolf launcher application installed, you will need to allow the installation of the application from unknown sources. This is done by going into the developer options in the settings of the FireTV.

Next, you need to go to the WST File Linked store. After installing File Linked on the firestick device launch the application with the code 11111111 (eight ones).

Then search for the Tivo Wolf Launcher inside the store and click on install. After installation, click on the open button to launch the application.

Launching during Startup

  • For launching the application during startup you will need Launch on Boot app to start the Wolf Launcher as soon as you switch on the FireTV.
  • Again you can get the app installed from the WST File linked store and install it on the device to enable its functions.
  • Then open the application and swipe the first toggle and then also enable the third last toggle that says to launch the application when the device wakes up to align the launching of Wolf launcher application at the time of starting the firestick.
  • Next, choose the SELECT APP for choosing the wolf launcher when booting.

You can also make a test run move by clicking on the TEST button and selecting wolf launcher. Then you can restart the device to check upon the working.

Reasons for using the Wolf Launcher App

There are a number of reasons why people search how to install wolf launcher on firestick and why Wolf Launcher is preferred over the traditional or default launcher. These are:

  • Custom launcher like the Wolf Launcher app provides an overall better and smooth experience on the device than the default launcher.
  • These types of launchers provide better and more options for managing and organizing the home screen than the normal or default launchers. Wolf launcher allows you to locate the apps in the right place of access and keep the tasks organized in this way.
  • These launchers help you in having more simplified and sophisticated home screen interfaces than the default ones which present a clutter and stream of never-ending thumbnails.
  • Some of the good custom launchers like the Wolf Launcher tend to give you cleaner screens to enable clearer display over the contents while the default ones are programmed to clutter the first screen in a bundle of adverts and notifications that disorients the minds of the viewers from the main content.


This was about, on How to introduce and utilize Wolf launcher on any Firestick gadget. Here in this article, we shared all the data with respect to Wolf launcher. I trust this guide caused you in introducing Wolf launcher. In the event that you are stuck at any part, at that point do remark underneath and we will attempt to settle your inquiry quickly.