24 Hour Call Answering Services for Medical Practices

24 Hour Call Answering Services for Medical Practices

Medical practices always have the need to be available for their patients at literally every hour of the day, and because of this, it may be hard to reach a family practitioner after hours, or in a pinch. Not only that, but there are many times that you may need to just schedule an appointment after the building has locked its doors, and there are no receptionists in the office to take your call. That’s where 24-hour call answering services for medical practices come in. They make sure that they can be available for your patients, so that you don’t always have to be. Not only that, but they handle so much more (we’ll talk about that more below) than just answering calls for you.

Just a Personal Message Center?

While many think that they only get customer support from an answering service, places like Answering365 are so good at what they do, that you don’t even know you’re not speaking with someone at the actual office. They aren’t just a message center.

Many call answering services in the medical field act as a member of your team, and are even an active part of doing things such as scheduling appointments, having records sent, processing calls accordingly (call filtering), and even often have a way to get in direct touch with you so if it is an urgent matter, someone can reach you directly. They offer on a variety of platforms to give a person, and you as a medical facility the ability to have e-mail support, live chat assistance (they can even use chat on your website to schedule appointments for you), and of course phone services.

Find the full list at https://blog.answering365.com/topic/medical-answering-service/.

Call Filtering

There are many times when vendors and other solicitors call and want to speak to someone who runs a medical office. This is fine and dandy when you actually have the time in order to answer calls like this (and if you’re a busy doctor, you already know time is something you may not have enough of for this). An answering service will relay the call to you, as well as take important information about the vendor so you can call them when you actually do have that extra time available.

Saving You On Labor

When you hire a call center service for your medical establishment, you can also save a bunch of money. Answering365, for example, creates a fully tailored customer service experience based on your needs, and you have full access to everything via a client portal. But what you don’t have with hiring a 24 hour answering service like this is having to actually do things like be in charge of payroll for your staff, the actual need to hire someone in order to be there at all times, and all of the extra benefits you would have to pay the said employee.

You don’t have to worry about anything like insurance, workman’s compensation, and even tax issues when it comes to hiring an answering service because their job is to make sure their employees are there. Another thing they make sure is that they represent you and your company as well as possible to make your patients happy too.