Why is namespace used in ESQL?

Why is namespace used in ESQL?

The namespace constants affect only the ESQL; they do not control the prefixes that are generated in the output message. These elements are then used to generate namespace declarations in the output message.

What is the namespace declaration format in ESQL?

ESQL code examples Note that the syntax elements root and example must have a non-empty namespace. The default namespace declaration means that any child element without a prefix is in the namespace namespace1 . DECLARE space1 NAMESPACE ‘namespace1’; SET OutputRoot. XMLNSC.

What is the importance of namespace in XML Schema?

An XML namespace is a collection of names that can be used as element or attribute names in an XML document. The namespace qualifies element names uniquely on the Web in order to avoid conflicts between elements with the same name.

What is the difference between Xmlnsc and Xmlns?

The XMLNS parser holds the text content of an element as a child of the element, whereas the XMLNSC parser builds a compact tree. To update a text value in the compact tree of the XMLNSC parser, use ESQL to set the VALUE of the target node.

What are the benefits of using XML namespace?

Namespaces allow you to uniquely identify and utilize an XML vocabulary. With namespaces, you can: Combine fragments from different documents without any naming conflicts. Write reusable code modules that can be invoked for specific elements and attributes.

What is ESQL in IIB?

Extended Structured Query Language (ESQL) is a programming language defined by IBM® Integration Bus to define and manipulate data within a message flow.

Can we connect to multiple databases in ESQL?

you can access two databases (of same type) by mentioning the data source in the ESQL. You must specify one of the DSN on the compute node.

What is the biggest advantage of using namespaces?

The biggest advantage of using namespace is that the class names which are declared in one namespace will not clash with the same class names declared in another namespace. It is also referred as named group of classes having common features.

How many types of namespaces are there?

There four types of namespaces in C#. Directive Namespace: The directive namespace that is from link library and direct as link.

How to use ESQL field references to form paths?

You can use ESQL field references to form paths to message body elements. A field reference consists of a correlation name, followed by zero or more Path Elements separated by periods (.).

What are valid ESQL identifiers for field references?

When you construct field references, the names that you use must be valid ESQL identifiers that conform to ESQL rules. If you enclose an item in double quotation marks, ESQL interprets it as an identifier. If you enclose an item in single quotation marks, ESQL interprets it as a character literal.

What is the difference between a namespace and an expression?

If an identifier is the name of a declared namespace constant, the value of the constant is used. If an expression is used, it must return a non-null value of type character. A namespace clause of * explicitly states that namespace information is to be ignored when locating Fields in a tree.

What are the limitations of using ESQL names?

However, it does have two limitations: Because the names used must be valid ESQL identifiers, you can use only names that conform to the rules of ESQL. That is, the names can contain only alphanumeric characters including underscore, the first character cannot be numeric, and names must be at least one character long.