Why does my turtle have gold spots on his shell?

Why does my turtle have gold spots on his shell?

The gold spots are pockets of air trapped under the scute that’s lifting. They do show when the shell is dry.

What are the signs of shell rot in turtles?

Wild turtles generally present dehydrated and in poor body condition with a mosscovered malodorous shell. Pet turtles tend to have more subtle signs but these can include a red tinge to areas of the shell, slime over the shell, a bad smell, flaking of the scutes and an easily damaged shell.

Why does my turtles shell look weird?

Let’s get straight to it. If your turtle’s shell looks dry, it’s likely because one of three reasons: hard water mineral deposits, retained scutes, or unhealthy humidity levels.

Why does my red eared slider have white spots on his shell?

Fungal Infections Red Eared Sliders and other turtles can develop fuzzy gray and white patches that are fungal growths. One of the major causes of this is poor water quality and an improper basking area. Make sure you have a good full spectrum or UVB Light that gives off some good heat.

What does a healthy red eared slider turtle shell look like?

The shell of a RES should be hard and relatively smooth. The carapace (top) should be dark green and the plastron (bottom) should be bright yellow. It should not be pitted, soft (unless a juvenile), cracked or bleeding. It is normal to have a small amount of algae on the shell.

Why does my turtle have shiny spots?

The shinny look in water may be air trapped under the keratin layer if starting a shed , that’s normal if so. Dry will show us the scutes that may be loosen if it’s starting a shed. If you see any scutes that look like there are coming off by the edges when drying “do not” try and remove !

How do you treat septicemia in turtles?

Treatment for septicemia includes systemic antibiotics, providing the sick reptile with an especially warm basking site, and fluid therapy and nutritional support as it recovers.

Should you clean a turtle’s shell?

If you’ve never owned a turtle, you may not realize that cleaning them regularly is necessary for their good health. Even turtles that spend a lot of time in water need their shells cleaned off to prevent algae buildup.

What does a healthy red eared slider shell look like?

Why does my turtle have red spots?

If the blisters rupture or red/raw sores, which are slow to heal, develop, the disease is called scale rot. The shells of turtles and tortoises affected with shell rot will often have soft or pitted areas that may lift away from the rest of the shell and reveal underlying bony structures.