Why did the BBC ban Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Why did the BBC ban Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

The song jumped to #6, and on January 11, BBC Radio 1 DJ Mike Read announced on air that he refused to air “Relax” because of the single’s controversial artwork and lyrics. He didn’t know it at the time, but the BBC was planning to ban the single, and did so soon afterward.

Did Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax get banned?

The BBC has banned many songs over the years for being of a controversial nature, but none have been done more infamously than the blacklisting of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’. The track was a celebration of hedonism and living life on the edge.

What was controversial about Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Throughout the “Relax” controversy, the band continued to publicly deny that the song’s lyrics were sexual. Nevertheless, by 1984, it was clear that the public were aware of the sexual nature of the lyrics, but the scandal had fuelled sales anyway.

Did Frankie Goes to Hollywood play their instruments?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Rock Songs Lipson, who the year before had worked on fellow ZTT act Propaganda’s album A Secret Wish, encouraged the band to play their own instruments. This was in sharp contrast to Welcome To The Pleasuredome, which was dominated by session musicians.

How much is Frankie Goes to Hollywood worth?

Frankie Goes to Hollywood had #1 singles in the UK and other countries with the songs “Relax”, “Two Tribes”, and “The Power of Love”….Holly Johnson Net Worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Profession: Singer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Painter
Nationality: England

Is it Frankie says Relax or Frankie Say Relax?

“Frankie Say Relax” is correct, as it refers to the bank Frankie goes to Hollywood. As they are a band, they take the plural form.

Who replaced Holly Johnson in Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Ryan Molloy
Ryan Molloy (born 21 November 1972) is a British singer, songwriter and actor, who replaced Holly Johnson as the lead singer in Frankie Goes to Hollywood for a charity concert in 2004….

Ryan Molloy
Genres Musical theatre, rock and roll
Website ryanmolloy.com

Is Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax still banned?

Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax ‘banned’ by the BBC. Prohibition is good for business. When it was first released, in October 1983, Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s debut single just about troubled the top 40.

When did Frankie Goes to Hollywood first come out in the UK?

In America, any sexual innuendo contained in this song got little attention, but it caused plenty of controversy in the UK. It entered the UK singles chart at #77 on November 12, 1983, and was at #35 when Frankie Goes To Hollywood performed it on Top Of The Pops January 5, 1984.

Is relax the song that BBC banned in the UK?

Some commercial radio stations in the UK put it in hot rotation, boasting they were playing “the song that BBC banned.” “Relax” rose to #2 on January 21, and it hit the top spot a week later, becoming the first banned UK #1 since the steamy Serge Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin duet ” Je T’aime…

Why did Mike Read ban relax from Radio 1?

Enter irate Radio 1 DJ Mike Read who, objecting to its saucy artwork and lyrics, refused to play the track during the chart rundown. The BBC then banned the song from radio and TV (the original video was all decadent nightclub scenes and allusions to “water sports”). Relax duly climbed to No 1, staying there for five weeks.