Why did Michael Denner leave King Diamond?

Why did Michael Denner leave King Diamond?

‘ It was tough but only took me a split second to decide; I wanted to continue playing heavy metal. I really do love hard rock, you know, and melodic stuff – I have a lot of LPs like this in my collection – but for my career as a guitar player there was so much more room for me in KING DIAMOND.

When did diamond leave Mercyful Fate?

After disbanding (1985–1992) After Mercyful Fate broke up in 1985, King Diamond, along with Michael Denner and Timi Hansen, formed the eponymous King Diamond band. Both Denner and Hansen stayed with the group until 1987’s Abigail, after which both left King Diamond.

Where does King Diamond live now?

The Iconic Danish Heavy Metal Band Is Planning A 2020 Reunion Tour, And Frontman King Diamond Lives In The Dallas Suburb. It Almost Makes Too Much Sense! Reunions are super hot right now.

What genre is King Diamond?

Progressive metalNew Age
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Who played guitar King Diamond?


Name Years active Instruments
Andy LaRocque 1985–present guitars keyboards
Mike Wead 1991–1993 2000–present guitars
Matt Thompson 2000–present drums
Pontus Egberg 2014–present bass

Is King Diamond black metal?

Danish metal icon, black metal pioneer and master of the macabre, King Diamond has made a vast contribution to the metal landscape over the last 40 years, both as singer with Mercyful Fate and as a solo artist.

What happened King Diamond?

The former heavy smoker suffered a series of heart attacks and underwent a triple heart bypass that, he says, nearly killed him. The recovery process also derailed King Diamond the band, but when they did return to live action it was more spectacular than ever, as new DVD Songs For The Dead Live emphatically proves.

Who was the singer for Mercyful Fate?

vocalist King Diamond
Mercyful Fate. Mercyful Fate was formed in early 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by vocalist King Diamond and guitar player Hank Shermann. Guitarist Michael Denner, Bassist Timi Hansen and drummer Kim Ruzz soon joined to complete the band line-up.

What band was King Diamond in?

Mercyful Fate
King DiamondSince 1985Brats1980 – 1981King Diamond & Black Rose
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Where is King Diamond from?

Hvidovre, DenmarkKing Diamond / Place of birth

What is King Diamonds real name?

Kim Bendix PetersenKing Diamond / Full name

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