Why did Hugh quit Ice Road Truckers?

Why did Hugh quit Ice Road Truckers?

Hugh Rowland Hugh was left with several injuries, which encouraged him to file a lawsuit against the executive producers of the show. Following this, he was fired from the network.

How much do the guys on Ice Road Truckers make?

Ice Road Truck Driver Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $78,500 $38
75th Percentile $69,500 $33
Average $60,425 $29
25th Percentile $50,000 $24

How fast do the trucks go on Ice Road Truckers?

The trips on the ice roads to the mines range from 225 miles to 250 miles, and take from 2 to 2 1/2 days to complete. When loaded, trucks travel under 20 mph going to the mines and are able to travel a little faster, when unloaded, coming from the mines.

Was Ice Road Truckers Cancelled?

An entertainment industry person familiar with the show and the drivers confirmed today that the show was not renewed. However, Susan Ievoli vice president for public relations at History, said in an email, “No decision has been made yet on future seasons of Ice Road Truckers.”

What happened to Drew Sherwood Ice Road Truckers?

He was a truck driver with a ton of experience, but none on the ice roads. Hugh Rowland thought that he was an arrogant rookie, and that became more obvious when Sherwood told him on the very first episode “I have no intention of going in a ditch, bro.” Of course, you know what happened, Sherwood wound up in a ditch.

What religion is Alex on Ice Road Truckers?

While it was “luck” that presented this job to him when he was a young man in need of making more money, Alex is so much more than just an “ice road trucker.” Alex is a husband (married to Louise for 40 years), father of 11 and grandfather of 13. He is a devout Catholic with Christ at the center of his life.

What happened to Dave Redmon Ice Road Truckers?

Three weeks after Redmon left Alaska due to his firing, he flew to Bolivia in April to start filming the Ice Road spinoff IRT: Deadliest Roads. The show premiered Sunday, the same night the episode aired in which Redmon is fired. However, Redmon says the season’s second episode, which will air Oct. 2, will be his last.