Who wrote one week?

Who wrote one week?

Ed RobertsonOne Week / ComposerLloyd Edward Elwyn Robertson is a Canadian musician, best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band Barenaked Ladies. He, along with former member Steven Page, founded the group in 1988. Wikipedia

Are the Barenaked Ladies a one hit wonder?

Two decades after Stunt made Barenaked Ladies a one-hit wonder here in the States (they maintained a steady level of success in their home country), Rhino is reissuing the album, accompanied by actor (and big fan) Jason Priestly’s 1999 tour documentary Barenaked In America.

When did one week by the Barenaked Ladies come out?

1998One Week / Released

What’s the net worth of the Barenaked Ladies?

Barenaked Ladies Wiki

Full Name Barenaked Ladies
Net Worth $17 Million
Profession Soundtrack, Music Department, Actor
Nicknames Barenaked Ladies

Why did Steven Page leave BNL?

Singer-guitarist Steven Page said a big reason he decided to leave the Barenaked Ladies was he felt his songwriting voice was occasionally being squeezed out as a result of being in a five-member band.

Who wrote Barenaked Ladies Week?

Ed RobertsonOne Week / Composer

Is Jimmy Eat World a one-hit wonder?

“Whoa, Jimmy Eat World is no one-hit wonder — they had that ‘Sweetness’ song, too!” Yes, that’s very true; “Sweetness” was indeed a single from their third album, which was either called Bleed American or just Jimmy Eat World, depending on the degree to which the terrorists were winning at the point in time in history …

Why did Steven leave?

What does Steven Page do now?

The 49-year-old musician has a studio at his home in Manlius, N.Y., where he recently recorded a new song inspired by the COVID-19 crisis.

When did Steve Page leave BNL?

However, in 2009, Steven Page left the band ‘by mutual agreement’, going it alone as a solo musician, and the band continued, now preparing to release their 16th studio album, Detour de Force.

Did Barenaked Ladies make a million dollars?

Best known for their iconic song $1,000,000, during which they aspire to earn a million dollars, the band went on to make much, much more money than that as they climbed the ladder of success.

Is Steven Page still married?

He is now married to Christine Munn (the woman who Page was with on the night of the drug bust). They live in Syracuse, where Page has an in-home recording studio and where his three sons come to visit regularly. His post-BNL career has included five solo albums and frequent festival appearances.