Who won the 1991 League Cup final?

Who won the 1991 League Cup final?

Sheffield Wednesday F.C.1991 Football League Cup Final / Champion
The competition began on 27 August 1990, and ended with the final on 21 April 1991 at the Old Wembley Stadium. The cup was won by Sheffield Wednesday, who beat Manchester United 1–0 in the final.

Who won Leaguecup?

Liverpool F.C.EFL Cup / Latest ChampionLiverpool Football Club is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. Domestically, the club has won nineteen League titles, seven FA Cups, a record nine League Cups and fifteen FA Community Shields. Wikipedia

Who has sponsored the League Cup?

Capital One

Period Sponsor Trophy
2003–04 to 2011–12 Molson Coors/Carling Original
2012–13 to 2015–16 Capital One Original
2016–17 No main title sponsor Original
2017–18 to 2024 Carabao Original

What was the League Cup called in 2008?

The 2007–08 Football League Cup (known as the Carling Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 48th staging of the Football League Cup, a knock-out competition for the top 92 football clubs played in English football league system.

Who won 1991 Rumbelows Cup?

Sheffield Wednesday F.C.1990-91 Football League Cup / Champion

The date was Sunday 21 April 1991 – a day in our history we’ll never forget. The Owls stunned Manchester United to lift the Rumbelows Cup at Wembley Stadium exactly 30 years ago today.

What was Carabao Cup before?

Known as the Milk Cup, the Littlewoods Cup, the Rumbelows Cup, the Coca-Cola Cup, the Worthington Cup, the Carling Cup and the Capital One Cup from 1981 through to 2016, Carabao is now the competition’s title sponsor.

What year did Sheffield Wednesday win the Rumbelows Cup?

The 1991 Football League Cup Final was a football match played on 21 April 1991 between Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday. It was the first of two years that the competition was sponsored by Rumbelows….1991 Football League Cup Final.

Event 1990–91 Football League Cup
Attendance 77,612
Weather Cloudy 16 °C (61 °F)
← 1990 1992 →

What year did Sheffield Wednesday win the League Cup?

Since when, Sheffield Wednesday, have won the Division One in England four times (1903, 1904, 1929 and 1930). The club has also earned three FA Cup titles (in 1898, 1907 and 1935) and one Football League Cup title (in 1991).