Who were the X Factor Finalists 2017?

Who were the X Factor Finalists 2017?


Act Age(s) Result
Rak-Su 25–26 Winner
Grace Davies 21 Runner-Up
Kevin Davy White 29 3rd Place
Lloyd Macey 23 4th Place

Who were the X Factor Finalists 2016?

Matt Terry

Act Age(s) Result
Matt Terry 23 Winner
Saara Aalto 29 Runner-Up
5 After Midnight 20–23 3rd Place
Emily Middlemas 18 4th Place

Who won xfactor UK 2017?

Rak-SuThe X Factor (UK) – Season 14 / Winner
2017 – Rak-Su This four-piece, from Watford, became the second ever band to win the X Factor. They were also the first to release a duet as their winner’s single, titled Dimelo and featuring Wyclef Jean and Naughty Boy. Rak-Su beat Grace Davies and French-singer Kevin Davy White to the top spot.

Who won X Factor Global 2019?

Megan McKenna

Act Age(s) Result
Megan McKenna 27 Winner
Max and Harvey 16 Runner-Up
Jenny Ryan 37 3rd Place
V5 18–21 4th Place

Who came second to Rak-Su?

After the voting stats were revealed Rak-Su were the clear winners. They won every week except for week 3 on Saturday where they came 2nd when Kevin Davy White overtook them by a tight edge of 1% percent of the votes.

What is Rak-Su doing now?

Sadly though, Rak-Su were reportedly dropped by RCA last summer before releasing their debut album. A source told The Sun: β€œIt’s a tough time to be in pop and the buzz for Rak-Su fizzled out fast. Rak-Su are now independent artists.

Is Honey ga a girl?

These childhood snaps of the woman behind those sunglasses reveal the remarkable transformation of the woman behind those sunglasses. The artist, whose real name is Anna Gilford, grew up in Kenton and attended St Helen’s School in Northwood as a girl.