Who was the quartet in Scrubs?

Who was the quartet in Scrubs?

The Worthless Peons are a barbershop quartet composed of Sacred Heart staff, who sing A Capella. The members are Ted (lead tenor), Randall (bass), Crispin (baritone), and Roy (tenor). They are portrayed by the band The Blanks, which is composed of Sam Lloyd, Paul Perry, George Miserlis, and Philip McNiven.

Does Ted from Scrubs really sing?

Lloyd was also a talented musician. He sang in a cappella group The Blanks – which made several appearances on “Scrubs” as The Worthless Peons – and played bass guitar in The Butties, a Beatles tribute band.

Who sang Hey Ya in Scrubs?

Star Sam Lloyd’s
Fans Are Sharing Scrubs Star Sam Lloyd’s Incredible Cover Of Hey Ya In Tribute. Scrubs fans are remembering Sam Lloyd’s amazing cover of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’, following the actor’s tragic death.

Can Sam Lloyd sing?

He also appeared in Desperate Housewives as Albert Goldfine. Aside from acting, Lloyd was an accomplished singer with the a cappella group The Blanks, who made many appearances on Scrubs under the name The Worthless Peons (also known as Ted’s Band).

What was the acapella group from Scrubs?

The Blanks
The Blanks are an American a cappella group. They were recurring guests on the TV series Scrubs under various names such as Ted’s Band and The Worthless Peons.

Is scrub a real band?

Bangkok-based duo Scrubb, whose songs made its way to the Thai hit tv series, 2gether, has teamed up with Filipino folk-pop group Ben&Ben.

Why did Ted leave Scrubs?

Last Appearance. Theodore “Ted” Buckland, Esq. was the lawyer of New Sacred Heart until he left to spend time traveling and with his ex girlfriend Stephanie Gooch. He now spends his time in Hawaii playing guitar and has the ability to turn any song into sounding sad after his ex girlfriend ‘The Gooch’ broke his heart.

Who is the drug addict on Scrubs?

Alexander Chaplin
His character later appeared in “My Scrubs” as a drugs counsellor for the hospital, claiming to be reformed….

Alexander Chaplin
Born Alexander Gaberman March 20, 1971 New York City, New York, U.S.
Other names Sandy Chaplin
Occupation Actor
Years active 1992–present

Does Christopher Lloyd have a son?

Despite achieving fame through kid-friendly films, Lloyd has never had children of his own. As a boy he was one of seven siblings, although he says that the age gap between them – he was the youngest by seven years – means that his childhood memories are mostly of just him and his parents.

Is Sam Lloyd dead?

April 30, 2020Sam Lloyd / Date of death