Who was the mole in Jane By Design?

Who was the mole in Jane By Design?

On numerous occasions, Jeremy says he is not dating India, so Jane will agree to go out with him. Both Miyoko and Gray find his charm irritating. He was also the “mole.” He worked for Beau Braun telling him Donovan Decker’s ideas, but he quit in The End of the Line….

Jeremy Jones
Portrayed By Rowly Dennis

What happened to Jane By Design?

More Stories By Nellie In ABC Family’s renewal announcement today, there was one bubble series conspicuously missing — Jane By Design. The cable network will not order more episodes of the comedic drama, which is being cancelled after one season.

Who is Jane’s mom in Jane By Design?

Kate Quimby is Ben and Jane’s mother.

Do Jane and Billy get together?

Billy would do anything for Jane, including protecting her and helping her pull off her double-life….

Billy Nutter
Family Tommy Nutter (brother)
Romances Lulu Pope (ex-girlfriend) Jane Quimby (best friend and love of his life) Zoe Mendez (girlfriend)
Friends Jane

Who stole the lookbook in Jane By Design?

The aftermath of Tommy’s robbery has legal consequences that lead Billy to get called before Judge Bentley Pope… Lulu’s father. Ben knows Jane’s secret and demands that she quit. It is revealed that Jeremy is the mole working for Beau, stealing the designs from Donovan Decker.

How old was Jane in Jane By Design?

Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher), an average, everyday 16-year-old girl, winds up with a job at the prestigious fashion company Donovan Decker and a chance to work with a world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell) and her quirky co-workers, Jeremy Jones (Rowley Dennis), India Jourdain (India de Beaufort).

What happened to Jane By Design season 2?

Jane By Design: canceled; no season two.

How many episodes does Jane By Design have?

18Jane by Design / Number of episodes

Is Gray Jane’s mom?

April [Blair], the creator, assured everyone time and time again that Gray was not Jane’s mom, but that didn’t stop me from asking 10 more times.” Boss lady Gray may not be the mysterious mom, but look for Hatcher’s Kate to find her way into Jane’s work world at Donovan Decker, putting her daughter’s job on the line.

Who does Jane By Design end up with?

The storylines that were to happen in season two were: Eli would find out about Jane’s secret and would cover for her from Gray ever finding out. Jane and Billy share their first kiss. Ben and Rita become engaged.

Is there a Jane By Design season 2?

Jane By Design: Cancelled; No Season Two. It looked like the fate of Jane By Design could go either way but ABC Family has now decided to cancel the TV series. The drama ran for one season of 18 episodes. Jane By Design tells the tale of a quirky teenager who has a unique fashion sense.

How old is Jane Quimby?