Who was Quisling in Norway?

Who was Quisling in Norway?

Vidkun Quisling, in full Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonsson Quisling, (born July 18, 1887, Fyresdal, Norway—died October 24, 1945, Akershus Fortress, Oslo), Norwegian army officer whose collaboration with the Germans in their occupation of Norway during World War II established his name as a synonym for “traitor.”

What does Quisling mean in Norwegian?

a traitor
A quisling is a traitor, especially one who collaborates with an enemy occupying force for personal gain. The term arose because in World War II, Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian politician, volunteered to help the occupying Nazis rule Norway for Germany.

Where does the word Quisling come from?

Quisling (/ˈkwɪzlɪŋ/, Norwegian: [ˈkvɪ̂slɪŋ]) is a term originating in Norway, which is used in Scandinavian languages and in English for a citizen or politician of an occupied country who collaborates with an enemy occupying force – or more generally as a synonym for traitor.

Was Norway a puppet state?

The official name of the regime from 1 February 1942 until its dissolution in May 1945 was Den nasjonale regjering (English: the National Government)….Quisling regime.

National Government Den nasjonale regjering
Status Puppet state in German-occupied Norway
Capital Oslo
Common languages Norwegian
Religion Lutheranism

How did Quisling betray Norway?

When Germany invaded Norway in 1940, Quisling attempted a pro-German coup against the government. He headed a pro-German administration from 1942 to 1945. His betrayal of Norway to Germany has made his name into a label for all collaborators and traitors.

Why was Quisling executed?

Quisling was put on trial during the legal purge in Norway after World War II. He was found guilty of charges including embezzlement, murder and high treason against the Norwegian state, and was sentenced to death. He was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress, Oslo, on 24 October 1945.

When did quisling betray Norway?

Is quisling an English word?

Before the end of 1940, quisling was being used generically in English to refer to any traitor. Winston Churchill, George Orwell, and H. G. Wells used it in their wartime writings. Quisling lived to see his name thus immortalized, but not much longer.

When did Quisling betray Norway?

Is Quisling an English word?

What happened to Norway’s Quisling?