Who walked on the Moon in 1971?

Who walked on the Moon in 1971?

Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell launched on their nine-day mission on Sunday, January 31, 1971, at 4:03:02 p.m. EST.

Who were the crew members of Apollo 17?

Harrison H. SchmittApollo 17 / Member

On Dec. 7, 1972, three men launched on a final mission to the Moon. Making up the crew of Apollo 17 were NASA astronauts Eugene Cernan (commander), Harrison Schmitt (lunar module pilot), and Ronald Evans (command module pilot). This mission saw many firsts.

Who were the astronauts on Apollo 15?

Apollo 15 LaunchThe space vehicle with a crew of David R. Scott, commander; Alfred J. Worden, command module pilot; and James B. Irwin, lunar module (LM) pilot, was launched on schedule from the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at 9:34:00 a.m. EST on July 26, 1971.

Who was on the crew of Apollo 16?

The crew members for this mission were John W. Young, Commander, Thomas K. Mattingly II, Command Module Pilot, and Charles M. Duke, Jr., Lunar Module Pilot.

What did Gene Cernan write on the Moon?

A popular belief is that Cernan wrote his daughter’s initials on a rock on the Moon, Tracy’s Rock. The story, and Cernan’s relationship with his daughter, was later adapted into “Tracy’s Song” by pop-rock band No More Kings.

When did Cernan walk on the Moon?

Dec. 12, 1972
Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan holds the lower corner of the U.S. flag during the mission’s first moonwalk on Dec. 12, 1972. Cernan, the last man on the moon, traced his only child’s initials in the dust before climbing the ladder of the lunar module the last time.

What was left on the Moon in 1971?

Apollo 15

Spacecraft properties
Lunar lander
Spacecraft component Lunar module
Landing date July 30, 1971, 22:16:29 UTC
Return launch August 2, 1971, 17:11:23 UTC

Who was the last person to step foot on the moon?

— Cernan, Cernan’s status as the last person to walk on the Moon means Purdue University is the alma mater of both the first person to walk on the Moon—Neil Armstrong—and the most recent. Cernan is one of only three astronauts to travel to the Moon on two occasions; the others being Jim Lovell and John Young.

Who was the third person to land on the Moon?

Apollo 14, the third mission in which humans landed on the Moon, was commanded by the man who had been the first American in space, Alan B. Shepard, Jr. The command module, “Kitty Hawk,” was piloted by Stuart A. Roosa.

What happened to the Apollo 14 lunar module?

The astronauts transferred themselves, their samples and equipment to the command module and sent the lunar module crashing into the Moon between the Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 seismic stations. The command module splashed down on February 9 in the Pacific Ocean, some 880 miles (1,417 kilometers) south of American Samoa.

How much land was collected from the Moon during the mission?

During this time they covered 27.9 km, collected 77.31 kg of rock and soil samples, took photographs, and set up the ALSEP and performed other scientific experiments. This was the first mission which employed the Lunar Roving Vehicle which was used to explore regions within 5 km of the LM landing site.

When did the Apollo 15 land on the Moon?

On 30 July 1971 two astronauts (Apollo 15 Commander David R. Scott and LM pilot James B. Irwin) landed in the Hadley Rille/Apennines region of the Moon in the Lunar Module (LM) while the Command and Service Module (CSM) (with CM pilot Alfred M. Worden) continued in lunar orbit.