Who said imma firin MAH LAZER?

Who said imma firin MAH LAZER?

The image macro originates from the Dragon Ball Z episode, “Hour of Temptation” which first aired in Japan in 1992. The episode contains a scene where Cell encounters Vegeta and they engage in a fight, with Cell releasing a scream right before the battle commences.

What is Shoop da Whoop from?

Usage. Shoop da whoop is used in a lot in old YouTube Poops and it caused Dragon Ball Z to become a lot more popular. It also appears in all the Henry stickmin games except Breaking the bank.

When did Shoop da Whoop come out?

Shoop (song)

Released September 21, 1993
Recorded 1993
Genre Hip hop
Length 4:09

What does Shoop da whoop do in binding of Isaac?

4.5 Volt: Allows the item to be charged and used multiple times in a room, which can help with dealing extra damage in enduring fights like most endgame bosses.

Is Shoop da whoop good?

It’s decent. It got buffed in Afterbirth (It now does 4 times the damage of your current damage compared to the old 2 times) and it has a 2 room charge. If you don’t have any other space bar item, it can be pretty useful.

Does Shoop da whoop scale with damage?

The laser deals 22 damage to anything caught in its way and hits them for up to 4 times. This makes a good alternative to those who want the abilities of Brimstone, but don’t want to make deals with the Devil.

Who wrote Salt N Pepa songs?

Push It (Salt-n-Pepa song)

“Push It”
Label Next Plateau London
Songwriter(s) Hurby Azor Ray Davies
Producer(s) Hurby Azor
Salt-N-Pepa singles chronology

What does the Shoop da whoop do in binding of Isaac?

Who is Salt husband?

Gavin WrayCheryl James / Husband (m. 2000–2018)