Who owns Mannings HK?

Who owns Mannings HK?

DFI Retail Group
Mannings (traditional Chinese: 萬寧; simplified Chinese: 万宁; pinyin: Wànníng; Jyutping: maan6 ning4) is a personal care product chain owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings, which is in turn owned by Jardine Matheson….Mannings.

Industry retail
Headquarters China , China
Parent DFI Retail Group
Website http://mannings.com.hk

What does Ashley Manning do for living?

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How many stores Mannings have?

350 outlets
Mannings is Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty products chain store, with more than 350 outlets throughout the territory, providing a wide range of quality health care, personal care, skin care and baby products to a broad spectrum of consumers.

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Does Peyton’s wife work?

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Who are the Mannings?

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How many years did Peyton Manning play in the NFL?

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Who are Mannings’main rivals?

Its major rivals include Watsons which is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings . With more than 350 outlets, Mannings is Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty product chain store providing health care, personal care, skin care and baby products.