Who owns Langers Deli?

Who owns Langers Deli?

Norm Langer
Norm Langer, 73, is president and chief executive of Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. His father, Albert J. Langer, founded the business in 1947 and expanded it from the 12-seat deli he initially purchased.

What is Langer’s Deli famous for?

It was during this halcyon period of the 1950s and early 1960s that Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant became famous for its delicious pastrami and hot, crispy-crusted rye bread.

What should I order at Langers?

While the entire Langer’s menu is chock-full of Jewish specialties, the most famous order of them all is the #19: the most absolutely perfect cut of pastrami, swiss cheese, and homemade coleslaw sandwiched between two slices of their famous twice-baked rye bread.

How much is Langer’s pastrami?

Langer’s Delicatessen & Restaurant Menu Prices

Item Price Change
#44 Hot Pastrami (Full Sandwich) (Sandwiches) $19.95 – –
Pastrami on French Roll (Full Sandwich) Hot pastrami and mustard on French roll. *No Substitutions* $18.95 – –

Is Langers Made in USA?

www.langers.com. 100% USA grown. Bottled in the USA.

Does Langers make their own pastrami?

Langer rhapsodized at length about his restaurant’s pastrami-prep process, describing the five-hour steaming and hand-slicing process that goes into creating perfectly tender, non-rubbery cuts of pastrami.

What is langers19?

pastrami sandwich
Treat yourself to the world’s best hot pastrami sandwich: the original Langer’s #19. Hand-cut hot pastrami, cole slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on double-baked rye bread.

Where is Langers juice Company?

City of Industry, CA
Langer Juice Company is located in City of Industry, CA.

Is Langers juice made in USA?

Where does Langers get their pastrami?

RC Provision
Now, Giamela and Langer have carved out their own distinct partnership, with Giamela insisting that while RC Provision sells its wares to a host of other L.A. delis—including Art’s, Canter’s and Brent’s —the meat he supplies for Langer’s famous pastrami sandwiches is a cut above.

Who makes Langer’s pastrami?

RC Provisions
A Lot of the Best Pastrami in Town Comes from This One Supplier in the Valley. RC Provisions has been quietly making some of L.A.’s favorite cured meats. The pastrami at Langer’s? It’s actually made by RC.

Who owns Langers juice?

Nathan Langer
Langer Juice, with its 200 employees, is still headed by its founder, Nathan Langer, now in his 70’s, while the firm’s day-to-day operations fall to his two sons, Bruce, 40, and David, 44. A third son, Dennis, is a vice president with pharmaceutical firm SmithKline Beecham in Philadelphia.