Who makes Southern Tide shirts?

Who makes Southern Tide shirts?

The brand is owned by Atlanta-based Oxford Industries. One of the company’s signature lines is their Skipjack Polo Shirt….Southern Tide.

Type Clothing
Number of locations 850+
Products Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s Apparel and Accessories
Parent Oxford Industries
Website southerntide.com

What are Southern Tide T shirts made of?

This style is 100% cotton which tends to shrink when washed. We recommend sizing up in our t-shirts and hanging to dry to prevent shrinking!

How do you wash a Southern Tide shirt?

detail and care

  1. Classic Fit.
  2. 100% end-on-end cotton.
  3. Button down collar.
  4. Laser engraved logo buttons with coordinating color button thread.
  5. Pocket on left chest with tonal outline Skipjack embroidery.
  6. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
  7. Medium steam iron if needed.

Where does Southern Tide get their shirts?

Southern Tide was founded in 2006 by Allen Stephenson, who was a college student at that time. He wanted to create a premium lifestyle brand and started with polos, later expanding the product line. Where does Southern Tide manufacture its clothes? Southern Tide makes its clothes in Greenville, South Carolina.

How do you wash 100% cotton polo shirts?

Use gentle liquid laundry detergent; harsh detergents may cause damage and fade polo shirts. Use a single-cycle setting on your washing machine with only cold water. Be prepared to remove the polo shirt from the washing machine immediately. Polo shirts can be dried in a dryer on the lowest heat setting.

How much did Southern Tide sell?

Greenville-based Southern Tide has been sold for $85 million to Atlanta apparel company Oxford Industries Inc. (NYSE:OXM).

How much did Southern Tide sell for?

How much does a Southern Tide T-shirt cost?

$38.00 At Southern Tide, we made it our mission to craft the perfect t-shirt for men. Our men’s graphic t-shirts are made with 100% soft cotton in a relaxed, laid back fit. We design comfortable tees inspired by all things coastal—fishing, boating, water sports, drinking brews, and the infamous Skipjack.

What is Southern Tide’s preppy men’s clothing?

The cornerstone of Southern Tide has always been the Skipjack men’s polo shirt, but over the years our preppy men’s clothes have expanded and everyone has fallen for our new performance sport shirts , classic cotton t-shirts, and men’s khaki shorts, too. Give the people what they want, right?

What kind of T-shirts do you wear in the southern United States?

If the ocean is out of reach, you can sport our southern t-shirts that feature skeet shooting, fly fishing, golf courses, or a tribute to the good ole’ USA. Keep it casual with a classic favorite, a Southern Tide OG, the original skipjack t-shirt.