Who is Wang Lijun?

Who is Wang Lijun?

Wang Lijun (born 26 December 1959) is a Chinese former police chief. He served as vice-mayor and police chief of the megacity of Chongqing. Wang is ethnically Mongol and was born in Arxan, Inner Mongolia.

What was the Wang Lijun incident?

The Wang Lijun incident was a major Chinese political scandal which began in February 2012 when Wang Lijun, vice-mayor of Chongqing, was abruptly demoted, after revealing to the United States consulate details of British businessman Neil Heywood ‘s murder and subsequent cover-up.

Did Wang Lijun go to Beijing?

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How did Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai meet?

Wang Lijun was a police officer from northeastern China. Wang became acquainted with Bo Xilai during their time in Liaoning province, when Wang was a local police chief, and Bo was Governor.