Who is the strongest witch in every witch way?

Who is the strongest witch in every witch way?

Emma Alonso
Main. Emma Alonso (Paola Andino): A new student at Iridium High, Emma is the main character of the series, and also a witch. She’s the Chosen One, the most powerful witch, and her guardian is Lily, the school nurse. Her best friend is Andi, who wants to be her guardian one day.

Who has powers in every witch way?

While Maddie learns to undo spells, Diego tries to hide his discovery that he has powers of his own. Emma prepares for her first date with Daniel. Emma ‘s magical powers intensify when she finds the Hexoren. While Maddie learns to undo spells, Diego tries to hide his discovery that he has powers of his own.

What is a canai in every witch way?

Churi Kanays or simply Kanays are humans, but still belong to the Magic Realm with abilities over the four natural elements (Water, Air, Earth, and Fire), Transformation, and Portal Creation. The name “Churi Kanay” means “son of fire”.

Does Emma get with Jax?

Eventually near the end, Jax revealed to Emma that he believed they belong together, but also told her that soon she had to make a decision on who she truly wanted to be with. At the end of New Witch Order, Emma chose Jax over Daniel and the transported to the pool where they share a kiss and are finally back together.

Is Every Witch Way Spanish?

A Spanish-language script. Every character on Nickelodeon’s popular new show, Every Witch Way, speaks English, even when rookie witch Emma Alonso casts a spell to help her through the latest drama at Iridium High.

What powers do Kanays have?

Known Kanays Her powers are shapeshifting, telekinesis, and atmokinesis. Mia is a troublemaker who looks friendly and nice. She does have a huge crush on Daniel after pretending to be Emma and kissing him. In New Witch Order Mia turns good.

What happens to MIA in every witch way?

She kept the Cristal de Caballero. She ends her rivalry against Emma and all witch kind, at the end of the third season. She saved Emma’s life in New Witch Order. She lives with her aunt.

Is Emma the chosen one?

Diego Rueda, a friend of Daniel’s, also has powers, but it is discovered that he is a Kanay, not a wizard. At the end of the season, Emma is revealed to be the Chosen One and she along with Maddie defeat the principal and save the magic realm from destruction.

Is rhyming necessary in spellwork?

Traditionally, rhyming is used to give the spells a little more power through the rhythms of the words and to make them easier to memorize. But it certainly isn’t necessary.

Can you write a spell that asks for the same thing?

As you can see, both spells ask for the same thing–they just do it in a slightly different way. The second spell is simpler; it doesn’t rhyme, it is shorter, and it doesn’t get as specific–but there’s no reason it couldn’t work. You could write a spell like that even if writing isn’t your thing.

How to write a spell?

So the first thing to know about writing spells is that it is fine to do so in whatever style or manner you are comfortable with. Your goal or intent will help you focus and decide how to structure the repetition of your chant. If something is important, repeat it – this is also the basis for a refrain.