Who is the MP for Helensville?

Who is the MP for Helensville?

Chris Penk

Chris Penk MP
Leader Christopher Luxon
Preceded by Matt Doocey
Member of the New Zealand Parliament for Kaipara ki Mahurangi Helensville (2017–2020)

What is the population of Helensville?

Helensville is a town in the North Island of New Zealand. It is sited 40 kilometres northwest of Auckland, close to the southern extremity of the Kaipara Harbour….

Ward Rodney
Population (June 2021)
• Total 3,210
Postcode(s) 0800

What is the Maori name for Helensville?

Te Awaroa
The Helensville district was originally called Te Awaroa, or ”the Valley of the Long River’ by local Maori.

Where is Epsom electorate?

Epsom is based around central and eastern Auckland City. It contains the suburbs of Parnell, Remuera, Mount Eden, Newmarket, half of Greenlane and the eponymous suburb of Epsom.

How did Helensville get its name?

Helensville was named after Mrs Helen McLeod, wife of an early settler. In 1883 it was constituted a town district, and in 1947 was accorded borough status.

What electorate is Kumeu?

Helensville covers an area of the rapidly growing northern Auckland urban fringe, drawing Helensville and Kumeu from the former Rodney District, moving south to take in Paremoremo, Greenhithe and Albany from the former North Shore City, and finally tacking west to include Whenuapai, Hobsonville and West Harbour from …

How many electorates are in the South Island?

The South Island is guaranteed to have 16 general seats, and dividing the number of persons in the South Island’s general electoral population by 16 determines the South Island Quota which is then used to help calculate the number of Māori electorates and to determine the number of North Island electorates.

Where is the kelston electorate?

Kelston is located in an area in Auckland south-west of Waitematā Harbour covering part of Te Atatū South, the suburbs of Glen Eden, Sunnyvale, Glendene, Kelston, New Lynn, and Avondale, part of Mt Albert and the suburb of Waterview, with the name coming from one of its component suburbs.

Who is the MP for Tamaki?

Simon O’Connor

Simon O’Connor MP
Political party National Party
Spouse(s) Rachel Trimble ​ ( m. 2016)​
Relations Simon Bridges (brother-in-law)
Committees Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade

Who is the Labour candidate for Northland?

Willow-Jean Prime (née Downs; born 1983) is a New Zealand politician who was elected to the New Zealand Parliament at the 2017 general election as a list representative of the New Zealand Labour Party. At the 2020 election, she won the electorate of Northland by 163 votes.

Is Helensville a good place to live?

Because it is within easy commuting distance of Auckland City, Auckland’s North Shore, West Auckland and the new Albany development, and because of comparatively low property prices, Helensville has become an attractive place for residents wanting to get away from city living.

How old is Helensville?

At Parakai, 2 miles north of Helensville, is the attractive Helensville Hot Springs Domain. Helensville came into being in 1863 as a port associated with the kauri timber trade.