Who is the main female character in Tekken?

Who is the main female character in Tekken?

Nina Williams (Japanese: ニーナ・ウィリアムズ, Hepburn: Nīna Wiriamuzu) is a fictional character from Namco’s Tekken fighting game series….

Nina Williams
Tekken character
Nina Williams in Tekken 7
First appearance Tekken (1994)
Created by Seiichi Ishii

Who is Eliza Tekken?

Eliza is a Tekken character introduced to the franchise in Tekken Revolution. A narcoleptic vampire, she was imprisoned under the Rochefort estate for many years, and is believed to have lived for at least one thousands years.

Who is the best female character in Tekken 7?

Since everyone loves to look at beautiful female characters, we have list down our Top 10 Famale Characters Tekken from the franchise.

  1. Lili. Lili, or Emilie De Rochefort, is the only daughter of the wealthy Mr.
  2. Alisa Bosconovitch.
  3. Panda.
  4. Zafina.
  5. Christie Monteiro.
  6. Nina Williams.
  7. Julia Chang.
  8. Ling Xiaoyu.

Is Lily’s sister Eliza?

Suddenly, she is confronted by Lili, who states that Eliza has been improsned under the De Rochefort Family Estate for centuries. Lili claims to be Eliza’s younger sister.

Where is cuddle core from?

Japan has long been seen as the spiritual home of FGC.

Who are the 7 characters in Tekken 7 season pass?

Tekken 7 Characters – Full Roster of 51 Fighters. 1 Season Pass 1 – Geese, Noctis. 2 Season Pass 2 – Anna, Armor King, Julia, Lei, Marduk, Negan. 3 Season Pass 3 – Ganryu, Leroy, Zafina. 4 Season Pass 4 – Kunimitsu, Lidia. 5 Eliza is available as a separate purchase (originally a pre-order bonus)

Is Tekken 7 the best Tekken game ever?

Tekken 7 is full of characters with tons of play styles. Here is a ranking of the best fighters in the latest Namco game. Tekken 7 might not have been as great as Tekken 5 – which was the last incredible Tekken game – but it was certainly a huge improvement of Tekken 6.

How many fighters are there in Tekken 7?

T ekken 7 boasts a massive roster of 50 fighters, and shows no signs of stoping down! The most popular 3D fighting game owes a big part of its success to the characters themselves, which most of us grew up playing with!

What are the female fighters in Tekken Force?

Category:Female Fighters. Female Tekken Force Soldier. G. Ganmi-chan. J. Jane. Jaycee. Josie Rizal. Julia Chang.