Who is the fourth property brother?

Who is the fourth property brother?

Drew Scott
Spouse(s) Linda Phan ​ ( m. 2018)​
Relatives Jonathan Scott (twin brother)
Website www.drewandjonathan.com

How many Scott brothers are there?

three brothers
The original logo for Scott Brothers Entertainment features the heads of the three brothers, in order: Jonathan, Drew, and JD….

The Scott Brothers
Members Jonathan Scott Drew Scott

Are there 4 Property Brothers?

The series features twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses and negotiates their purchases. His brother, Jonathan, is a licensed contractor who then renovates the houses….

Property Brothers
Original release January 4, 2011 – present
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Is there a 3rd Scott brother?

Known as the third Property Brother, JD Scott stands for James Daniel Scott. He is two years older than Jonathan and Drew, which means that he’s currently 44 years old. Like the twin brothers, JD also lives in the United States.

Where are the Scott brothers located?

Drew and Jonathan are not only twins, but they’re business partners and co-stars of their own Property Brothers franchise too. They once lived together in Las Vegas, but these days, they live separately. Still, they live next door to each other in Los Angeles. It’s no surprise, given their history of sharing spaces.

Are the Scott brothers having babies?

“Property Brother” Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, are expecting their first child. The couple shared the news in their Apple podcast, “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott.” “So, cat’s out of the bag, everyone!” Scott said during Tuesday’s episode. “We are super excited.”

Is there a Scott Brothers duo YouTube channel?

Welcome to the Scott Brothers Duo YouTube Channel! Thank you for all your kind messages and subscriptions. Stay tuned for more videos in 2021. Best wishes, Jonathan & Tom

What happened to Drew and Linda Scott on Property Brothers?

Drew and Linda share their great news and their long journey on the latest episode of At Home with Drew and Linda Scott. A mother and son ask Drew and Jonathan to update their longtime family home on Property Brothers: Forever Home.

Are Jonathan and Drew Scott from celebrity IOU together?

The couple made their first-ever TV appearance together as Zooey guest-starred on Jonathan and Drew’s show, Celebrity IOU. As a refresher, Celebrity IOU follows the Scott brothers as they help well-known celebrities surprise loved ones with special renovation projects.

What is true love according to Jonathan Scott?

He revealed this during an episode of podcast At Home With Linda and Drew Scott. “True love is driving five hours only to see your love for one, or watching their whole show,” he said. The couple celebrated the anniversary of meeting one another on Carpool Karaoke. Jonathan shared a sweet video montage of their most special moments.