Who is the best documentary maker?

Who is the best documentary maker?

Top 15 Famous Documentary Filmmakers of All Time

  • Michael Moore.
  • Alex Gibney.
  • Claude Lanzmann.
  • Dziga Vertov.
  • Charles Ferguson.
  • Michael Apted CMG.
  • Asif Kapadia.
  • Steve James.

What was the first documentary?

The 1922 movie “Nanook of the North” follows a charismatic real character in a distant land. Though in truth filmmaker Robert Flaherty fudged a few facts, and staged a few scenes, it’s generally considered the world’s first documentary.

What are the best documentaries of all time?

Other documentaries that appear on our list are uplifting and tell stories of some of humanity’s greatest achievements, like “Apollo 11,” which features footage from the famous space mission that was the first to land humans on the moon. Keep reading to discover the 100 best documentary films of all time. #100. When We Were Kings (1996)

How does Stacker rank the best documentaries?

To celebrate the genre, Stacker created a ranking of the top 100 documentaries of all time by leveraging data on all documentary movies to create a “Stacker score” that serves as a weighted index split evenly between IMDb and Metacritic scores.

What are some of the best Talking Heads documentaries?

“Stop Making Sense” is a concert documentary about the Talking Heads. The film received a very positive critical reception, with particular praise coming from its focus on frontman David Byrne, who provides much of the film’s energy. #9. One More Time with Feeling (2016)

What are some of the best documentaries about the Holocaust?

Claude Lanzmann ‘s epic documentary recounts the story of the Holocaust through interviews with witnesses – perpetrators as well as survivors. Votes: 9,282 | Gross: $0.02M 31. Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch (1997 TV Movie)