Who is the best chef in Seattle?

Who is the best chef in Seattle?

Five of Seattle’s Best Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Washington Wine (and What to Pair with It)

  • The Restaurant: Sawyer. The Chef: Mitch Mayers.
  • The Restaurant: Joule. The Chef: Rachel Yang.
  • The Restaurant: Adana. The Chef: Shota Nakajima.
  • The Restaurant: Terra Plata. The Chef: Tamara Murphy.
  • The Restaurant: Jack’s BBQ.

Who owns La Spiga Seattle?

Chef Sabrina Tinsley
Please see our Covid protocols here. Osteria la Spiga was co-founded in 1998 by Chef Sabrina Tinsley and her husband, Pietro Borghesi, in a quest to bring authentic cuisine from northern Italy to Seattle.

Who is the best chef in Washington state?

Best Chef: Northwest & Pacific (AK, HI, OR, WA)

  • Jay Blackinton, Hogstone’s Wood Oven (Orcas Island, WA)
  • Logan Cox, Homer.
  • Sun Hong, By Tae.
  • Mitch Mayers, Sawyer.
  • Mutsuko Soma, Kamonegi.
  • Aaron Verzosa, Archipelago.
  • Chad White, Zona Blanca (Spokane, WA)
  • Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi, Joule.

How many restaurants does Tom Douglas have?

For the last 30 years, he’s made a name for himself alongside business partner and wife Jackie Cross and business partner (since 2006) Eric Tanaka by opening 13 full-service restaurants; an event space, Palace Ballroom; a cooking school, Hot Stove Society; and a product line including rubs, sauces, mustards, and knives …

Who owns Serious Pie Seattle?

restaurateur Tom Douglas
Serious Pie is owned by Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas. Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie will open at The Village at Totem Lake in Kirkland, marking the famed restaurateur’s first Eastside location.

Is Italian or Greek cuisine better?

In the ‘health’ department, Greek is in fact superior to all cuisines when considering nutritional and health benefits which lead to longevity as confirmed in many scientific studies. With fewer sauces and more vegetables than Italian, the Greek cuisine is very attractive to vegetarians as well.