Who is Lana Searle engaged to?

Who is Lana Searle engaged to?

Katie Cochrane
Lana, 34, will marry her partner of four years, beauty salon employee Katie Cochrane, 39, in Tutukaka, Northland, on November 19 and the broadcaster says it’s important they have “a ceremony that reflects us as a couple”. Lana’s making a splash on CTI but regrets some of the dirty dealings!

Where was Lana More FM?

Lana is one of 21 Kiwi personalities contestants who will battle it out for $100,000 for their chosen charity. Filmed locally in the Far North earlier this year not too far from Lana’s home of Dargaville, she’s chosen to support a charity founded by her Ngāti Kuri iwi.

Is Lana Searle still on Celebrity Treasure Island?

Lana Searle eliminated from Celebrity Treasure Island.

Who is on More FM Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club on More FM with Lana, Gary and Adam We’re The Breakfast Club, your mates in the morning from 5.30am weekdays.

Is Lana Searle on Celebrity Treasure Island?

Lana Searle went on Celebrity Treasure Island with two goals – to not be kicked off in the first day and to be true to herself. She is happy to have achieved both of those before being eliminated on Tuesday after a showdown between herself and Lance Savali.

Who is Lana Searle?

More FM radio host Lana Searle has been left overwhelmed by a hand-delivered note from a young boy and his family after she overheard a neighbour’s homophobic conversation about her.

How did Jordan Gledhill and Lana Searle get engaged?

A shipboard engagement took a lot of planning. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Standing on the side of a cruise ship, their hands interlocked and looking out to Australia’s stunning Great Barrier Reef as the sun rose, Jordan Gledhill was in the middle of asking her girlfriend, More FM radio presenter Lana Searle, to marry her.

What did Frankie Say to Searle and Cochrane?

In the card, Frankie wrote that he was sad to hear what happened, telling Searle and Cochrane: “I’d like to say that not everyone thinks like that. So I’d like to say that what they said means nothing.”