Who is Giorgio Gosetti?

Who is Giorgio Gosetti?

Giorgio Gosetti, born in Venice, 1956. He is a veteran fest director (Giornate degli Autori, Noir in Festival), a film critic (Ansa Agency), an essayist (on Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Luigi Comencini, Marguerite Duras, film noir), and teacher (Bologna University and IULM Milan). He serves as director of Casa del Cinema in Rome.

Who is Jennifer Gosetti-ferencei?

Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei is Professor and Kurrelmeyer Chair in German at Johns Hopkins and holds a secondary appointment as Professor in Philosophy.

What is Gosetti-ferencei’s view of imagination?

In contrast to a long tradition of philosophy that sequestered imagination from cognition proper, Gosetti-Ferencei demonstrates how imagination must be understood as multifaceted, shaping our ordinary experience as well as the heightened manifestations of creativity, such as in scientific discovery and artistic and literary creation.